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Justin Donaldson

Justin Donaldson is a director, writer, and producer from Orange County CA. Justin got his start at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in LA where he was on three house teams, co-created and co-hosted the Tournament of Nerds, & directed over a hundred live shows including Sketch Cram, Maude Night, Quick N' Funny Musicals, & What's Going On with Mike Mitchell. Justin started in television as an editor on shows like Reno 911!, HBO's Funny or Die Presents, & Key and Peele before moving on to writing and directing. Justin also makes exclusive content for websites like Funny or Die, The Nerdist, & Jason Bateman's Dumbdumb.com, where his videos have been viewed millions of times. Most recently, he has directed and co-written projects for Comedy Central & FX. In his free time Justin lectures on Directing and Comedy Writing at Columbia College In 2008 Justin wrote a sketch that brought the UCB Theatre it's first 1 star Yelp review. Taken from Yelp ONE STAR 8/9/2008 i went to a friday night free midnight show a few weeks ago when judd apatow was making a guest appearance. Judd apatow was kinda funny but the rest of the show was mediocre at best, even for improv. a cople of the acts just weren't funny, one was very strange, and one was a totally racist skit involving two comedians in Ku Klux Klan outfits holding an election to see who would get to asassinate Barack Obama. it was horrible, and actually very offensive. i will never go back here.