Submissions now open for 2012!

The International ShitMovie Film Festival celebrates hilarious and absurd shorts made for little to no money by talented filmmakers. We select the best submissions to be part of a feature length program that spoofs the traditional movie going experience. Featuring a slide show of hilarious movie trivia & ads, a trailer reel, and a feature presentation- your submission potentially becomes part of the show. While the majority our program is comprised of one to ten minute shorts, we also screen hilarious commercials, funny music videos, animation, found films, documentaries, mocumentaries, and trailers. You can also submit a feature film, and if selected we will cut a custom trailer for your movie! While there is no one definition of a ShitMovie, below are some of the key factors that we look for in considering your submission for our program. ABSURDITY- We are attracted to comedy that pushes this philosophy to the limit. RESOURCEFUL - You haven't got a lot of money but that doesn't stop you. IMAGINATIVE - Think outside the box. We like weird, zany, and insane shit. HUMILITY - Don't be afraid to make fun of yourself. BAD - The art of "bad on purpose" is exciting to us. GOOD - We also like really well made shit too! SOUND - Pay attention to the sound, especially if your movie looks like shit. ORIGINAL WORK - Must have original work or permission to use copyrighted material.