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Hello! I am Isabel Fay. So, I am a comedy writer and performer, I write for other people and myself, and some would say that I am a character comedian. (Some people would say comedienne, but then some people like bungee jumping so, each to their own) I write and perform characters who come from my head, or Croydon for example, on the comedy circuit, and I have written and performed 3 solo comedy shows. I have also been on the telly in some things like BBC3's How Not To Live Your Life, ITV2's Comedy Cuts and BBC3's Comedy Shuffle... Writing your own puff piece is hard. Well while I'm on this ego trip, here are some nice things that people have said about my shows "Fay's one woman tsunami of personality is pretty damned irresistible" The Metro (Critic's choice) "Fay gives a barnstorming performance of her own superbly crafted script... Pure Magic!" "Isabel Fay's new show has arrived in style... So if you haven't got your ticket yet, you know what to do!" Channel "Isabel Fay's a fantastic new act were sure youll be hearing a lot more from very soon" "It's impossible to leave without a huge smile on your face" Scotsgay