Justin Friesen/Ely Henry Justin Friesen/Ely Henry

Justin Friesen/Ely Henry

: go gentle...we're new at this.

On September 30th, 2006 Justin Friesen and Ely Henry got together and created eight episodes of 'The Air Hockey Chronicles'. When editing the episodes, Justin and Ely struggled to think of a production company name. Ely suggested looking at pictures he had on his computer and attaching a name to that. That moment came when Justin noticed a little novelty MSN display picture with I'm With Loser written on the top, and an arrow pointing up in the middle. "Just add productions to that!", exclaimed the giddy Justin. And thus I'm With Loser Productions was born. Since that faithful day, I'm With Loser Productions has made several videos which suck progressively less than the previous ones. Who knows? Maybe someday our videos wont suck.