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I think we're getting funny

I'm In Here Productions, LLC is a production company we formed because we love to laugh. Here is a group of people that sat around, drinking, and laughing about stupid shit. Once Reno Ministrelli got a taste of the camera on Discovery Channel's "The Colony 2", and Kevin Flanagan began his stand-up comedy career in Los Angeles, and his lovely actress girlfriend Lauren Goncher Adam Ross began his serious pursuit of acting with his lovely actress girl friend Katherine "Kat" Barber, Dave Tressel finished film school, Steve McCall got bored at: work of the wheels were in motion and the camera was rolling. Check us all out on Facebook/Twitter (in no particular order) Adam Ross - http// Katherine Barber - http// Reno Ministrelli - http// Lauren Goncher - http// Kevin Flanagan - http// Steve McCall - http// Dave Tressel - http//