Chris Miller Chris Miller

Chris Miller

Comedian, Writer

Chris’ creative writing and dedicated work ethic has since earned him the right to perform his comedy that is edgy and unpredictable. Chris has been performing since he was in grade school. His english teacher would let him and his friends act out sketches, improv, and presentations every Friday in the classroom and later in front of the entire school. After High School Chris was an intern at 92.5 KissFm out of Toledo, OH. He learned the art of being a intern while there, where he would fetch doughnuts and coffee which made for a good day. His first time on stage was a radio comedy show, which began his love for the stage and willingness to do just about anything to get attention of a crowd. Eventually dipping his toes in college for a short time, “it’s not that college wasn’t right for me, college just looked at me and said, NO!” He worked with “BG24” a news group, at BGSU. He then contributed a year with a improv group on campus, though he remembers very little studio time and knows zero about weather except that when you walk outside that is your forecast. So what happened? Come to a show and found out!