My Imaginary Ex Girlfriend My Imaginary Ex Girlfriend

My Imaginary Ex Girlfriend

What happens to the girl of your dreams when you meet the real girl of your dreams?

My Imaginary Ex Girlfriend is a five-part web series about love, life and self-discovery. But mostly about masturbating. From Game of Thrones trivia runners-up and 3-time Academy Award watching BCIT graduates, Michael Sangalang and Darren Tucker, comes a web series about love, growth, dating and mental health.We follow Mark (Kelsey Flower), a socially awkward, unconfident, well-intentioned landlord, as he attempts to assimilate himself into the dating world while working past the demons in his head. When Jessica (Jessica Wiebe), a sweet and fun new girl moves in to his building, Mark attempts to rid himself of his rude, sarcastic, and not to mention, super hot imaginary girlfriend (Maxine Tamoto). But as we soon learn, breaking up is hard to do... especially when they're in your head.