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ITHENTIC's distribution platform for the best digital videos and short form series on the web.

iFestivus is a distribution platform created by ITHENTIC for the best digital videos and short form series on the web. ITHENTIC is an award-winning digital content company HQ’d in Toronto – with offices in New York and Los Angeles – that’s focused on developing and producing narrative-based properties for all platforms. We are digital storytellers – equal parts genre-bending live action, wisecracking comedy, trailblazing animation, and indie film with a dose of social conscience. We develop, produce and distribute original multi-platform content and series for traditional broadcast, OTT platforms, iOS and Android, and social media. We also work with our partners to secure international financing, arrange worldwide distribution in all channels (including our platform, iFestivus), develop apps to enhance engagement, and work with brands and platforms to develop entirely original story-based content and audience engagement solutions. If you’re a platform, we can add distinctive original series to your mix. If you’re a producer, we can help bring your projects to life.

Space Riders: Division Earth 4 items

Inspired by utterly fictional events, Space Riders: Division Earth is the story of two out-of-shape nobodies who accidentally become Earth’s heroes. When intergalactic supervillain Orson Ooze escapes from space jail, the Galactic Ministry looks for Earth’s two finest heroes to protect their planet. Unfortunately, an outdated home address leads them to the apartment of Ken and Philip – two very un-heroic guys. The Ministry officials attempt to undo their mistake, but it’s too late. Orson Ooze assumes Ken and Philip are the ones he must defeat to destroy Earth. After they successfully (and miraculously) defeat Ooze in their first encounter, the Galactic Ministry officially names Ken and Philip Space Riders: Division Earth. The job is unpaid. In their new roles, Ken and Philip fight to foil Ooze’s nefarious schemes, battling moon monsters, portal cats, and dark technologies that pit friend against friend, all while maintaining day jobs and complicated love triangles. Nothing a pair of best friend heroes can’t handle.