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Vincent & Fran Giordano are a dynamic couple. Vin, a hyperactive boy, was always interested in photographic images. As a young child was given a Polaroid camera to help deal with his extra energy. He began photographing narrative scenes with his toys. His photographic obsession only increased as years went by and as technology advanced he embraced it. Fran, the youngest daughter of a one legged genius Aerospace Engineer and a poet, was guided into art class because she was unable to conform to normative social graces. She found solace in art making. In June of 1983 they met at a High School graduation party and still teenagers moved to Arizona. There got married four days after Fran turned 20, Vin was still a teenager. After a few years they realized that Arizona was hot and decided to drive back to NY. In NY they went to SUNY New Paltz and then Visual Studies Workshop for grad school. After College, they decided it was time to have a child and produced Joe. He is now 9 years old. Although Fran is currently known for her painting she she also has a background in photography and printmaking. Much of her work comes from obsession and over thinking. Vin’s main interest is photography but is also interested in sculpture and videography. Both like to incorporate humor into there work, but having said that, they both also have a darker more serious side to there art. In recent years they have collaborated on several photographic bodies of work. Two of the many they are currently working on are Objecta Transformata and Ant get Monkey Sometime. If you are interested in featuring their work in a bricks and mortar gallery they can be contacted at