hollie hollie


world of laughter and glee

Australian actress, singer, and stand up living in Los Angeles (with greencard). FUN FACTS ABOUT HOLLIE- *Hollie is bringing Sexy back. *Hollie is lucky her bumps are small and humble so you don't confuse them with mountains. *Born in a stable above a bright star to a Jewish-black family. *Created the dance craze Zumba *Does not get along well with aggressive little people and credit card companies *Is a 'Bold & the Beautiful' addict *Allergic to healthy vegetables and fat fighting exercise. *Is NOT allergic to looking hot. *Is currently a skinny cosmo model in a fat woman's body to prove a social experiment. *Has hair on her nipples and a snail trail which she braids. *Wishes she had a gay brother cause the gays love fat chicks. *Never lies about her age. Currently Hollie is 25. *Had 2 children which she adopted out to Angelina Jolie.