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Hersh Rephun

Standing up is half the battle

From the time I was an actual child I’ve been building an arsenal of characters, impressions and stories that help me get through life, work through my mommy issues, be a functional husband and daddy and, as a byproduct, entertain others. A lot of my material revolves around my life as a “rowdy dad” with five kids aged 9 months to 23 years, and my role as a “standup spirit ambassador”. My struggles have played out for the amusement of people across the country in legendary venues such as The Comedy Store, StandUp NY, Comic Strip Live, Flappers, Caroline’s, and The Ice House’s Stage 2, where I’ve headlined numerous times. By the way, in talking about the places I play, I tend to use words like legendary and iconic. In 2015, I embarked on the first leg of my “20 Years to Kill” tour, performing in LA, Vegas, NY and staging a branded comedy concert called “3 Bitches Ain’t Enough!”, sponsored by Manatawny Still Works and 3 Bitches Wheat Vodka.