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A comedic and more explicit Dr. Ruth, with a dash of Martha Stewart, a smattering of Richard Simmons and no actual expertise, comedian Henrietta hits the internet with her new web series: Help For The Horny on November 6, 2008. The series promises laughs, raised eyebrows, and advice no one would dare follow. Self-proclaimed comedy sex guru, Henrietta, in leotard and bifocals uses common fruits and vegetables to teach don't-try-this-at-home "fitness" techniques in her first webisode, "How to Put a Hum in his Hummer." Future titles include "What To Yell Out Instead of Oh God" "Hot Pick Up Lines from Nursery Rhymes" and "Safe Sex Under Water." Henrietta, a stand-up comic, is single and claims to be "The Rocky of the Older Dating Scene" because she never gives up. "I know I'll find Mr. Right", she says. "To help my search, I've joined a dating service called "Who's Left." Follow me on Twitter http//twitter.com/HotHenrietta