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"The Interviews that: Eminem, George Lucas Do Not Want You To Hear" coming soon

I stay in the shadows of the 2 guys who paved the way for all Internet & Satellite Broadcasters that would come a decade later. Hello i'm John, i'm here to make you laugh, some people know me as Godgotron mostly from channels FATV1, FreakoutFreakshow, DanAndScottShow and Godgotron on Youtube. The Dan & Scott Show is a part of me, a lot of people have said that i'm the biggest fan / freak of the show due to my extensive knowledge of the show and hard work that i have put into making them accessible to new and old fans since 2005. ) I pledged and follow the rule of not using them to make me a star, meaning you won't see me on video (well maybe one day). I'm not shy at all but at the same time i don't do tribute videos of my idols to then rip them off of the glory, fame that they are due and i'm certainly not in it for the money. Even when i put some of my own material for the time being you won't see me but i am working on projects in development where you will get to see me. Instead what i do is produce videos from live audio shows that lasted 3 hours, i use clips and i put video mashups of Dan & Scott during an interview on ABC to simulate conversations, i also use other videos and pictures going with the topics. The goal is sharing the show with the people who didn't get to witness it live and also preserving & cimenting the legacy of the Pioneers of Online Broadcasting, the kings of Live Interactive Global Uncensored Internet Comedy. The hosts of the biggest, longest running, most successful show in the history of the net up to that point from 1994 to 2001. I might add highest paid salary of all internet broadcasting and even most radio hosts. The avant-guard of podcasts, Satellite Radio, streaming, Broadcast Yourself and Youtube, Twitter all rolled into one. Dan Schulz & Scott Wirkus. Lance Manload too but in a different way... You don't believe me you don't have to i wouldn't expect you to BUT the 2000 TIME Magazine cover story saying so is still online if you want to check it out on my FOD website link below, wikipedia too. And so are the News, Entertainment Tonight, ABC video interviews, Archives of the show itself, it's history and mark on the bizz of online broadcasting with major players such as Mark Cuban in 1996 with Audionet/Broadcast.com later Yahoo audio. Ken Williams in 1998 founder of Sierra Games, Worldstream communications/Talkspot.com Bob Meyrowitz in 2000 founder of the UFC, the King Biscuit Flower hour, radio syndication and Eyada.com. All of this cannot be erased or disregarded. It's comedy, internet and broadcasting history 101 the pioneer of Television himself the late great Milton Berle said so, can't argue with Uncle Milty. An angry fucker and Youtube recently deleted the most popular channel out of the 4 i made by flagging videos at the rate of twice a day to get it done. The claim was nudity but it was nothing but lies and double standards by Youtube. This was an historical channel full of controversial celebrity interviews that were making people talk a lot. FreakoutFreakshow had 255 subscribers but had a whooping traffic of 20000 + views a day last time i checked it was because of the nature of the videos involving celebs, controversy ,funny and gross discussion interviews and prank calls. It was starting to grow by leaps and bounds in recent weeks, my recent video Prank Calling Photo Place to get Camel Toe removed had 164048 views, it's on FOD now. The hell with the Youtube censorship police nonsense and the angry douchebags flagging channels down, now i'm putting most of channel Godgotron's videos, all of channel FreakoutFreakshow videos, all FATV1 videos and the XXX-FIles from channel DanAndScottShow. When i first started at FOD in 2009 my 3 channels FATV1, Godgotron, FreakoutFreakshow on Youtube were getting vids taken down for "innapropriate content" even if its Comedy. Every time they took one down i used to put it here until recently when they pissed me off for the last time, i'm done with them and staying on FOD from now on even if YT brings FreakoutFreakshow channel back. We are not PC to say the least and that's an understatement. But i'm a pro i'm not stupid so i don't put actual nudity. I'm a refugee from the Youtube censorship police and various angry individuals who flagg them down with several accounts because we made fun of something they like, it can be Zoophilia, Eminem or anything else since everyone has something to complain about these days. The Gateway drug to Heavy Dan & Scott Freebasing. Talk to your friends & groups about this Channel and its Videos! I was and still am a proud active member of the Freak Army. F4L Facebook search Freak Army Unite! For the Dan & Scott Show Archives in audio you will have to look it up yourself but it's out there. The Dan & Scott Wikipedia http//en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Dan_%26_Scott_Show The Official Dan & Scott Site http//danandscott.com