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A long time ago in 1994, a local television station in Atlantic City, New Jersey (WWAC-TV) was home to a little seen television show called "Generation X: Live!". It was "jackass" before "jackass"... it was "The Tom Green Show" before Tom Green had a show. Our comedy troupe consisted of five guys, all inspired by "Wayne's World", "Saturday Night Live" & all things stupid and funny. No subject or skit was taboo. We created a 30 minute television show every week, all shot on regular old VHS and paid $$$ to air it. After airing 26 episodes (some good, some great and some just plain out sucked) WWAC TV-53 pulled the plug on us. But now... WE'RE BACK! Three or so times a year on WMCN-TV we air NEW specials and now some of our classic bits can now be seen here on YouTube. WE WILL LIVE ON! We continue to make new skits from time time and are re-editing and remixing old ones for you to enjoy! This page is an homage to our show, "GENERATION X LIVE!" Enjoy!