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Gang Entertainment is a collaborative group of independent filmmakers based in Chicago, IL. Our production crew includes a wide variety of talented people, from writers, artists and directors to composers, editors, and actors. Our early experiences making movies in high school led us to pursue our education in film production at the University of Illinois @ Chicago. Having graduated college, we've expanded into the world of professional production in many ways, from local event videography studios to Hollywood movie production assistants. The core of our independent work in the past has been a comedic take on our experiences in high school and college, while also creating humorous spoofs of our favorite movies and video games. Here at our site, we present all of our movies for your entertainment. DVDs of our work are on sale in our humble for anyone who wishes to support our future productions. Our hope is that one day our work will reach a much larger audience, and as we pursue our professional careers, we are always open to new ideas on just how we can do that. Drop an e-mail to if you're interested in helping us expand our operation.