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From a UCB "Pencil" sketch show circa 1999 marian rosin, judds, premenstrual, ashley judd, tom blake

The Skirvin in Oklahoma City is one of the city's oldest hotels (built in 2011), alas the plethora of ghost stories that have become attached to it over the years. In this video, I'm dramatically recreating the most famous, ghostly resident's story. ghosts, spooky, maids, hotels, spooky hotels, apparitions, affairs, babies

The comfyness is ruined #vinelife

1 minute and 37 seconds can make a difference #vine #meme

Banned from Tou Yoube! 7th heaven

Let's be real, we all noticed ray liotta chantix, real people commercial, jackie henley, ray liotta's face, second city, improv, commercial parody, commercial satire, funny commercial

This is what it's like to watch 'The Princess Bride' for the first time The Princess Bride, Movie Mama, Tamara Yajia, Watching For The First Time, Cary Elwes, Westley, Mandy Patinkin, Inigo Montoya, Prince Humperdinck, Wallace Shawn, Vizzini, André the Giant, Fezzik, Robin Wright, Billy Crystal, Rob Reiner

Gator plays a prank on Bandit... two good ol' boys, gator and bandit, ldtv, lee dawson, funny, comedy, web series

Every Saturday on @NewMediaComedy on IG is "Shakey Saturdays" Here is Joeys Hit Single! instagram, hit single, fire mixtape, mixtape, sketch comedy, comedy, lgbt, pride, gay pride, song, single, new media comedy, jim mendrinos, vocal booth, parody, new jersey, beautiful, manbun

Crime Pays if you're willing to pull the trigger. comedy, sketch, crime, drama, heist, austin, texas, guns

LAPD Detective Haritgan goes to checkout the area where Macaulay claims that Michael Jackson has been molesting kids. Randy Jackson surprise attacks Macaulay in the elevator. True Culkin : Episode Five true culkin, macaulay culkin, michael jackson, 5

While visiting los Angeles Melania Trump plays the lotto and wins #comedy #improv #impersanations #fakemelaniame

Watch the video and learn about these grimy bitches! :-D bottle rats, bottle whores, a 2da k, nightclubs, bars

Pete and Rasco are painting Joe Mullighan's place (from the Larry Gilbert's Burger Tavern sketch) and only have 2 hours left to finish the job. Do they have the proper communication skills to get it done on time? portlandia, comedy, sketch, puns, situational comedy, russian, painting, homes, improv, music, sound effects, animated

Not intended to be funny, but more a political statement about Sarah Sanders “no guarantee he didn’t say the N-word” N-word, racist president, #politics, tarantino, tarantino films, #no guarantee

Yo we lit? That's what I'm talking about baby You know what time it is... Here we go! Bottle Rats Fuck up outta here I don't got time for that shit Just watch your drink cuz everywhere they got Bottle Rats I want my bottle back Bitch y... bottle rats, a 2da k, aces of spades, animated music video

Chet, homeless in Los Angeles chet, homeless, los angeles, california, home, free, stupid, funny

Nancy and her guests tackle the tough questions facing society today. improv, sketch, nancy, comedy, groundlings, second city, twerking, democrat, republican, potus, real deal, asian, offensive

We're just out here trying to make #relatable #content. giggle break, comedy, sketch, lol, funny, argument, toothbrush, couple, relationship, problems

Olivia adjusts to ex-pat life in London while connecting with some old family members comedy, expats, foreigners, sketch, london, snakebite, baby

Fake Melania me visiting the kids help in JAIL #comedy. #impersonation. #standup. #notmypresident

Hi viewer! I am Robert Clark. I am an actor and writer here in the Orlando area. I hope you enjoyed the video. If you have anything you would like to share with me, please contact me at political, satire, parody, election, florida, vote, america, november, agriculture, nra, shovel, kids, children, commerical, advertisement, waterboard, gun, enemy, cage, sketch, office, politician