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On June 18th, 2018, President Donald J. Trump announced the "Space force" along. His usual theatrics were at play. Make the Galaxy Great Again! space force, spaceforce, the force, star wars, darth vader, donald trump, CNN, The empire, george lucas, mike pence, jedi, politics, trump

Following an unexpected move from the valleys to the big smoke, Louis Horne embarks on a journey to rebuild his tainted profile and make ends meet as a jazz musician in a dystopian London. The former child star and talent show winner teams up ... mafia, jazz, music, london, UK, british, mockumentary, louis horne, comedy, louishorne, louishorne69, funny video, funniest video 2018

Donnie Fudge finds some scented markers. toronto, donnie fudge, weird, psychedelic, bizarre, high, trippy, brain damage, not for kids, smell, markers, toxic

Hummerer4632 Blooper The Studio Dissolving blooper

Bring the best of Gujarati snacks to your kitchen with this quick & easy recipe. Try our Khaman Dhokla Mix today! desi atta, Khaman Dhokla Mix, atta company, atta mix, desi dhokla

A foodie exposes his simple friend to a culinary world that will leave him with a changed perspective on food forever. foodie, culinary, chefstable, comedy, sketch, parody, shortfilm, artistic, fancy, finedining, michelin, 3stars

This is it, don't get scared now! There may be something very wrong with Kevin McCallister in this mashup of the horror film "Hereditary" and the family classic "Home Alone". Hereditary Alone, Home Alone, Hereditary (2018), Mashup, Parody, Trailer, Fake Trailer, Movie Trailer, Kevin McCallister, Horror Parody

Through the Looking Glass and Down the Rabbit Hole with Jimmy Vincentt. Jimmy Vincentt

A grandson decides to speak out about the death of his grandma after being silent on the matter for 40 years. A forensic team reopens the case. Bonnie Prince Billy, Will Oldham, Discovery Boys, Satire, Mockumentary, Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer, Timothy Morton, Tim Morton, Brandon Shell, Bryce Shell, Forensic Science, Cold Case, Beyond the song, What Four, Short Film, Christmas, Christmas Film, Movie, Funny, Louisville, Kentucky, 2018, Santa, Santa Clause, Palace Brothers

Stinky Ninja's funny musical reggae tribute to the Boy Who Cried Wolf. Featuring amazing vocals by Cheyenne, keys by Vashti, bass by Evan, guitar by Lance. The story of a baby learning to take stink steps that we all must follow. stinky ninja, reggae, musical comedy, funny music, childrens music, kids music, animation, cartoon, fairy tale

An Introduction to the zany antics of Ro'me Rome #Ro'meRome #Independentfilms #OnTheCouch #SUP

If you remember the infamous Bacon Boy from "Wife Swap", you're gonna love "Bath Boy". Bigger boy, still sassy, but can't part with comfort! Bacon Boy, Wife Swap, Bacon, Comedy, Sketch, Parody, Kig Curtis, Comedy Duo, Sketch Comedy, Bath time, SNL, Bath Humor

A new comedy about American greatness: racism, sexism, gun violence, xenophobia, and paranoia. Set in 1952, with absolutely no correlation to anything happening today. comedy, short, russia, trump, nixon, northkorea, coldwar, korea, war, refugee, politics, political, whitehouse, richardmnixon, filmnoir, 1950, 1950s, 1952, election, campaign, noir, ike, period, periodpiece, wiretap, wiretapping, survailance, parody, satire, satirical, show, series, webseries, episode, episodic, mockumentary, documentary, vintage, history, historical, drunkhistory

Finances get tight as Franklin finds a way to Louise's heart webseries, comptonabbey, desmondfilms, comedy, parody

Franklin takes shots to get James out of the picture. webseries, comptonabbey, funny, desmondfilms, parody

Learn about Quincy's fear of Swedish food, Bob Geldof's awesome fish and Khalid's fondness for his own nose Recut, Remix, silly

Compton Abbey tells the story of the family and staff of an English estate located in South Central Los Angeles. webseries, desmondfilms, comptonabbey, funny, comedy, jackassery

A man is held captive by a sinister fiend lurking in the dark and his only hope may be Warrior II> yoga, funny, drama, long hair, evil, metal, headstand, crow, vegan, veganism, yogi, veggie patty

Tommy Lee, Scott Baio, and Prince in today's episode of The Hollywood Rockin' Wrap Up! Like us on Facebook/RockinWrapUp and follow us on Twitter: @rockinwrapup celebrity, gossip, news, tmz, e!, entertainment tonight, access hollywood, the daily show, tosh.0, @midnight, hot package, extra, dish nation, stephen colbert, team coco, jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel, jason hadley, comedy central, weekend update, john oliver, fake news, Tommy Lee, Scott Baio, Prince

WOAH IT'S THAT THING!!! AND IT CAN DO THAT THING!?!?!?!? Written and Filmed by Joe Fahey, Luke McDonough and Stephen Sanow. Funny, Parody, Commericial, Woah, Hahaha, LOL

WOAH IT'S MACHINE GUY! CAN I HAVE IT? I SAID I WANT IT!!! GIVE IT TO ME!!! Written and Starring Joe Fahey, Luke McDonough, Stephen Sanow. Also starring Liz Reichelt and Gavin Turner. Comedy, Parody, Commericial, Funny, Toys, 90s, Nineties

OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH OH YEAH OH NO!!! Written and Filmed by Joe Fahey, Luke McDonough and Stephen Sanow Comedy, 90s, commercial, parody, funny, hahaha, sketch, ohyeah