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If you are trapped in a criminal case and want its independent and proper investigation, it’s time to call the criminal private investigator of Global Pursuit Investigations. Our team deals with forensic engineers, pathologists, lawyers, medical a... Criminal Private Investigator, Private Detective Agency, Missing Persons, Skip Tracing, Parental Kidnapping

A group of rag-tag musicians try and create the quintessential Thanksgiving song. Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving song, Music, mockumentary, Documentary

27 year old college graduate competes against a 13 year old for a babysitting job. #millennial #jobmarket #millennial, #jobmarket

"Nothing is more exciting to me than talking to my audience and I'm so thankful it's a skill I've developed. I want everyone to have a good time and if I can, I will talk to each person" - Raj Sharma. In short, don't sit in the front row if you... stand up, stand up comedy, comedy, comedian, crowd work, raj sharma, comedian raj, Funny, funny video, jokes, hilarious, laugh factory, marriage, indian comedian, las vegas, vegas baby, jeeveshu ahluwalia

"Crowd work looks easy, but it takes years to perfect. Crowd work that looks effortless has taken years of practice. It's still one of my favorite things as it allows me to interact with my audience in a way material doesn't and that's why I put i... stand up, stand up comedy, crowd work, comedian, funny, nachos, indian comedians, the next big thing, laugh factory, jokes, funny video, amazing, hilarious, Hollywood, Raj Sharma, comedian raj

The deleted ending to everyone's favorite Thanksgiving movie. Special Guest VO by Lindsay Monal With Music by Walton Clark frog boyz, frogboyz, sketch comedy, animation comedy, planestrainsandautomobiles, john candy, steve martin, jesse vandenbergh, sean newman

Ever wanted to watch a sitcom about the trials and tribulations of a straight male comedian, but you only have 60 seconds to spare? Look no further! Starring: Nate Koch and Hannah Craig with help from Evan O'Leary Lee Louis CK, Louie, Sitcom, Stand-up, Master of None, Crashing, New Orleans, Sketch

The women at Saturday Night Live recently came forward and told us that Al Franken did not sexually harass them. In light of this story, I wanted to tell more men's stories about not sexually harassing women. al franken, saturday night live, comedy, snl, franken, sexual harassment

Are you looking for some steamy fun with old timey comedians? Then call 1-800-VAU-DVIL! The town's HOTTEST dandies are standing by! vaudeville, comedian, sex, hotline, phone, sketch, Bedlam, Pack Theater, old timey, fatty arbuckle, goofy, slapstick, sound effects

Jake must choose between the two finalists in our craziest, most emotional, traumatic, epic season finale of all time ever. the bachelor finale, the bachelor, spoof, the bachelor finale spoof, the bachelor finale parody, bachelor parody, bachelor spoof, jimmy tatro, bachelor unscripted, uncensored bachelor, mark l walberg, mark walberg, amanda cerny, kyra santoro, suh dude, getter, nick colletti, hot girls, champagne showers, bikinis

Mather's been going thru a bit of a rough patch, check out his latest woes on I Love You, America, streaming now only on @hulu. i love you america, ILYAmerica, sarah silverman, hulu, mather, mather zickel, white man at a desk

On episode 107 of I Love You, America, comedian Ravi Patel meets up with his family in Chicago and relives his father's immigrant story. Episode 107 of I Love You, America is streaming on Hulu now. sarah silverman, ravi patel, chicago, hulu, immigrant, indian, first generation, i love you america

David Cassidy, Kendall Jenner, and The Backstreet Boys in today's episode of The Hollywood Rockin' Wrap Up! Like us on Facebook/RockinWrapUp and follow us on Twitter: @rockinwrapup celebrity, gossip, news, tmz, e!, entertainment tonight, access hollywood, the daily show, tosh.0, @midnight, extra, dish nation, stephen colbert, conan, jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel, jason hadley, comedy central, john oliver, weekend update, David Cassidy, Kendall Jenner, The Backstreet Boys

Looking for a fun-ish time? Carl Reiner and Michael Sheen want you to come down to Mashugana Mel's Putz Putz Course! I Love You, America is now streaming on Hulu: 1 sarah silverman, carl reiner, michael sheen, i love you america, ILYAmerica, jewish, golf, parody, commercial

Sarah Silverman heads down to her favorite eyewear store to buy some new shades and address ideological differences with the store's owner, Jack. I Love You, America is now streaming on Hulu: #ILYAmerica sarah silverman, i love you america, jack's eyewear, hulu

Sarah Silverman interviews former white power leader Christian Picciolini about his moment of change and his current work as a peace advocate. Episode 106 of I Love You, America is now streaming on Hulu: #ILYAmerica sarah silverman, hulu, ilyamerica, i love you america, christian picciolini, interview

Sarah Silverman helps punch up the Loyal White Knights of the KKK's hate speech on this week's episode of I Love You, America. Episode 106 is now streaming on @hulu: #ILYAmerica ILYAmerica, i love you america, sarah silverman, hulu

Stephen A Smith would be OUT of control. sketch, comedy, angels, in, the, outfield, baseball, espn, sportscenter, parody, stephen a smith, max kellerman, first take, pti, tony kornheiser, mike wilbon, rachel nichols, daniel rashid, tyler prado, avi kaye, Emilia barrosse, ben marcell, kurt scholler, kelly vrooman, Dominique johnson, Henry reed, kurt maloney, giggle, break, sports

This Thanksgiving gather the family around to talk about the important things in Channing Tatum. comedy, sketch comedy, lol, ucb, haha, thanksgiving, channing tatum, channing, food, food porn, cooking, happy thanksgiving

Finally, the crossover movie every fan has been dreaming of. with Cody Brotter and Quinn Boyes marvel, dc, comics, crossover, superheroes, superman, spider-man, team-up, sketch, funny

The HST hipsters celebrate an exclusive Thanksgiving in Williamsburg. harvard sailing team, HST, thanksgiving, hipsters, throwback, brooklyn, silver lake, hip, turkey

Public Interest information. Of concern to parents who may be hiring entertainers. Ceci (Cece, Cici) Shi aka "Ea" aka "Easter Shi" aka "Summer Tian" is on Craiglist offering children's entertainment services, Golden Sun Face Painter, Golden Sun... Golden Sun balloon twister, Gigsalad Vancouver BC, Golden Sun face painter, Cici Shi payroll, Cici Shi NVRC, Easter Shi Vancouver, Karey Wong Vancouver, Carey Wong Vancouver, crazy balloon twister