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Dan is a self proclaimed innovator. He likes to be considered the top of his game in innovation. When he heard about the latest drone craze he had to take part. This is a documentary into the future of drone operations, Dan. comedy, drone, cameraman, camera, man, funny, drone footage, film industry

Years in the future, the city of Barnum has a new kid in town. People need to wake up and after 20 years without alarm clocks, they have resorted to Greetio to handle the job! Barnum, Colorado, Future, Sci-Fi, Comedy, Horror, Meet and Greetio, Blood, Ryan Policky, Kennon Fleisher, Denver, Gore

"Scalpers" is Boston's hottest new comedy series, featuring New England's funniest stand-up comics. boston, red sox, sports, celtics, patriots, bunny costume

"Scalpers" is Boston's hottest new comedy series, featuring New England's funniest stand-up comics. boston, sports, red sox, celtics, patriots, pig

Mother nature is a cruel mistress. Have you need of a forest guide? sketch comedy, forest guide, wilderness, Georgia, Doggins Brothers, Lost, Woods, bear, candy, bear candy, creepster, dark comedy

It's a reusable menstrual cup. What could possibly go wrong? raunchy, satire, dark comedy, meta-humor, screwball comedy, slapstick, dry humor, funny girls, female comedian, sketch comedy, feminism, menstrual, menstrual cup, period, gross out humor, horror, special fx, gross, shock value

Elmo as President Trump! Turns out the president is more of a puppet than we thought… Youtube link: donald trump, trump, press conference, president, fake news, elmo, puppet, sesame street, muppets

Session 6: Sarah Helps Feed the Famished Sex therapist and yogurt connoisseur, Dr. Sarah Dickmann's (played by Maxie Solters) back with a new patient. This guy's experiencing erectile dysfunction and of course Dr. Dickmann has a cure for ED. Sh... vibrator, sex toy, dildo, masturbation, sex, orgasm, funny, sex toys, erectile dysfunction, sex therapy, funny sex, sex comedy, adult, pleasure, erection, comedy, adam & eve, maxie solters, climax, web series, vibrators, dr. dickmann, sex doctor, climax the series, funny videos, sex therapist, sexuality, sex tips, couples, penis, relationships, humor, sex jokes, funny advice, hilarious, adam and eve, adult toys, yogurt

In this rare look behind the scenes of acclaimed dramatic series "Straight Marriage," the hard-working gay leads (Chris and Kelley) struggle to film a heterosexual sex scene. Their director (Hayley) does her best to walk them through it. gay, lgbtq, marriage, sex, nsfw

Join us and together we can create a social media revolution nathan, hare, anita, rudakov, sketch, comedy, vancouver, bc, canada

Hanson - MMMBop. Recorded in 2016. More Hanson info at hanson, music, mmmbop, funny, pop

Hanson - No Rest For The Weary. Recorded in 2016. Available at hanson, music, new, mmmbop, 2016, 2017

President Trump learned everything he knows about shaking hands from Danny DeVito's portrayal of The Penguin in Batman Returns. Donald Trump, Handshake, The Penguin, Penguin, Batman Returns, President Trump, Danny DeVito

Here is a LEAKED never before seen trailer for the second season of the YouTube Red series "Scare PewDiePie"! (As imagined by the Mainstream Media) Scare PewDiePie, LEAKED, Season 2, Trailer, PewDiePie, Jews, Anti-Semite, Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, Felix Kjellberg, Anti-semetic, Parody, Mashup, YouTube Red, Series, Mainstream Media, Media, Press, Wall Street Journal

A very rare 1970 Bob Dylan video Dylan, Bob Dylan, Father of Night, music video

The show follows two former child stars trying to make a comeback in their 40's. Each episode has specials appearances from television stars from the past. Child Stars, Hollywood, Comedy, TV, Pilot, Gavin Macleod, Bernie Kopell, Scott Schwartz, The Love Boat, A Christmas Story, Keith Coogan, Melissa Disney, Erin Murphy, Bewitched, Richard Horvitz, Dean Cameron, Summer School, The Comeback Kids

Photorealistic animation that features an old guy named Mike who visits a grade-school classroom packed with children. He warns the children not to believe the commercials for over-the-counter drugs and prescription pharmaceuticals that they see o... Photorealistic Animation, Old Age, Children, Classroom, Aging, Pharmaceuticals, Drugs, Grade School, Disease, Illness, Growing Old, Hemorrhoids, Gas, Bloating, Gastric Indigestion, Erectile Disfunction, Dandruff, Heartburn, Prescription Drugs, Teaching

If you're a New Yorker you know how cold it can get in the winter time. That's why you should try Nose Muffs TM for Nippy New York Days! Nose Muffs, Comedy, Sketch, Winter, New York, Commercial, Jewish Mom, Cold, Clown

When you date your friends. Sex, Dating, Friends, Friendship, Romantic Comedy, Meet Cute, Wanna Ruin Our Friendship By Dating?, Comedy Sketch

News stories from this week, with a comedic twist, all in about 1 minute. sketch comedy, 1 minute news hour, 1 minute news, one minute news hour, one minute news, sketch comedycurrent events, brad slaight, funny, anchor man, anchorman, news desk, news parody