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Be here now. Pour orange juice in your #30callsfromthegrave Orange Juice, Meditation, Guided Meditation, Spiritual Awakening, Woke AF, Sam Harris, Ram Dass, 10 Minute Meditation, Crystals

Video By Joshua Foo/ The Foo Brothers dad, funny, kanye west, drunk history, dancing, fail

One breaking story. Right effing now! brad slaight, breaking brad, bill cosby, current events, news, newsdesk, anchor man, comedy news, comedy, web series, sketch comedy

The story of the first telephone call between Alexander Graham Bell and Mr. Watson is well documented. Of course it's what they say happened since nobody else was there to see what really happened. "The Bottom of History" researchers went back i... #fakenews #humor #jokes

A sneak peek into the new challenger for Super Smash Bros for Nintendo Switch. super smash bros, smash bros, parody, video game, nintendo, nintendo switch

When Dale ditches Jerry and Jason for a pool party, they find a creative way to beat the heat. Jason makes a fashion statement. Beth gives Dale an ultimatum, after another Jason and Jerry prank causes embarrassment for them both. rivals, rivals web series, rivalswebseries, pool party, cock dock, carpet cleaner, daisy dukes

you have to ask your roommate to leave... shrek, shrekmate, roommate, awkward

Lindsay Lohan, Russell Simmons, and Double Dare in today's episode of The Hollywood Rockin' Wrap Up! Like us on Facebook/RockinWrapUp and follow us on Twitter: @rockinwrapup celebrity, gossip, news, tmz, e!, entertainment tonight, access hollywood, the daily show, tosh.0, @midnight, hot package, extra, dish nation, stephen colbert, team coco, jimmy fallon, jimmy kimmel, jason hadley, comedy central, weekend update, john oliver, Lindsay Lohan, Russell Simmons, Double Dare, fake news

One man's journey to independence -- a short film inspired by the too-closeness of men's urinals. Steve's Problem, surreal, bro, comedy, bladder, shyness, beer, urinals, piss, pee, canada, life story, holding hands, friendship, independence, john wayne, dudes, bathroom

From Manhattan to Brooklyn Brooklyn, Manhattan, Manhattan to Brooklyn, comedy, sketch, funny, lena drake, rob levy, matt tarricone, caitlin cisco, braxton brown, new york, new york city, city, mta, public transportation, lord of the rings, lotr, east coast Indianwedding saree

While living within a crazy world, having roommate issues and an infection of sorts- Our Hero tries to make new friends with an impromptu Elevator Happy Hour. All while he attempts to raise support for his new Kickstarter campaign. bacon, the far side, garry larson, catfish, eric b, rakem, sweet genius, the bold and the beautiful, babys, food network, elevator, happy hour, slam man, slamman, girlfriends, dressform, Brit Hume, Nah Fence, the pharcyde, santa's helper, poop gag, naked, wikipeda, kickstarter, vd, venerial disease, venereal disease, flan, the Kentucky fried movie, cocane

Anne Stedman, a busy fashion blogger must improvise on a fashion shoot with actress Rebecca Gayheart after her photographer bails on her for the Kardashian toddlers. CHIC MAMA DRAMA is a scripted comedy series about the behind-the-scenes of Ann... funny mom video, funny web series, working moms, photo shoot gone wrong, celebrity, Rebecca Gayheart, Anne Stedman, Chic Mama Drama, comedy, fashion blogger, funny videos about moms, parents who go back to work

When farming's greatest enemy returns, the Department of Agriculture sends in the Special Investigation Squad. Starring Donnacha O'Brien, Martin Angolo, Charlene Craig, Séamus Hanly, Ruth Hunter and Sebastian Thommen. Original Sound Track by N... irish, ireland, dublin, farm, farming, CSI, x-files, NCIS, agriculture, sci-fi, buddy cops, cops, lethal weapon

Detroit Life Highlights the features and foundation of the Detroit music culture and whats its like to be from Motown Detroit Life Highlights, Detroit music culture, Detroit Life

When you ask a stranger to watch your stuff... sketch comedy

Bike Riding Dog dog, bike

Back off, buddy! comedy, theater, movie, sketch, cloud, boys

Sarah Silverman interviews Dr. Roxane Gay in an episode of I Love You, America. Push The Love, I Love You America, Sarah Silverman, Roxane Gay

Sarah Silverman interviews comedian Patton Oswalt on I Love You, America. Push The Love, I Love You America, Sarah Silverman, Patton Oswalt

U.S. Army veteran, cancer survivor, union ironworker, and single Dad, Randy Bryce aka "Iron Stache" talks about his 2018 campaign for Congress in Wisconsin's 1st district. Push The Love, I Love You America, Sarah Silverman, Randy Bryce, U.S. Army veteran, cancer survivor, union ironworker

Sarah Silverman interviews her sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman on a very special episode of I Love You, America. Push The Love, I Love You America, Sarah Silverman, Susan Silverman, Rabbi