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Christopher Sebastian Bently here! I hate women!!! Seriously. SERIOUSLY!!! The problem with women, is that they don't like me. Not sure what the big problem is here? We can share makeup, hair tips and tampons. FFS! I will strangle a bitch, you hea... Christopher Sebastian Bently, CSB, thexombiekiller, Heroes at Gunpoint, indie, independent, rock, rocker, glam, hair loss, property, Google maps, Google street view, messy yard, garage band, rocking, mess, slacker, Hoaxer, Hoaxers, targeted harassment, troll, trolling, trolls, stalk, pos, piece of shit, frontman, front man, back door, lead singer, Los Angeles, Berkley, Livermore, Rosewell, New Mexico, Nevada, Las Vegas, Colorado, Boulder, CO, CA, NM, NV, bisexual, hardcore, punk, band, rock band, weak, alternative, xombienation, xombie nation, music, accoustic, guitar, whistle, yell, yelling

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People who take Adderall without a prescription or who don't take Adderall as endorsed have a generally high potential to abuse and additionally wind up noticeably dependent on the pharmaceutical. <a href=" pharma, medicine, online, overnight

The battle you haven't been waiting for. Cause it means we're all toast man! If you enjoy, then subscribe, like, favorite and share! 18 Mighty Mountain Warriors present "TRUMP VS. UN" The works by Michael Chih Ming Hornbuckle Produ... 18mmw, sketch, skit, comedy, funny, humor, political, korea, north korea, kim jong un, un, trump, donald, war, nuclear, icbm, guam, animation, stop-motion, politics, tension, dmz, missles, world war iii, world war 3, atomic, korean war

Sick of Duber? Now there's Roach Coach by Lyft. sketch comedy, weed, marijuana, lyft, uber, duber, roach coach

Thanks for watching! If you enjoyed our show, please SUBSCRIBE AND SHARE! NEW EPISODES EVERY WEDNESDAY BAKER DAILY TRUMP TAKEDOWN is a comedic web series event about a spoiled rookie cable news anchor who unwittingly ... bakerdaily, trumptakedown, comiccon, thor, harleyquinn, batman, sandiego, chrisbaker

Please feel free to tweet upon me @IamSteveGandhi or send me an emails with your heart's conundrums at You can also be following me on the Instagrams at #iamstevegandhi kal mansoor, steve gandhi, spiritual, guidance, guru, india, indian, talkshow, talk show, webseries, web series, wisdom, advice, trump, america, china, mexico, cheap, labor, money, saudi arabia, terrorism

FBI created a list of Boy-Lover symbols and symbolism -- LEAKED BY WIKILEAKS: Need I say more? Okay, I will type more... Felix Pantaleon from Washington Heights, New York is dirty. Pantaleon i... Felix Pantaleon, predator, online bully, boy lover symbolism, hair cut, symbol, triangle, pyramid, pedophile, pedophile network, stalker, liars, public menace, New York, Washington Heights, New York City, NYC, NNnyc, 5 Tool Players, child abuse, FBI, Federal Bureau of Investigation, wikileaks, boy love, beward, Felix Pantaleon Jr., Caliberhitter, caliber hitter, caliberhitting,, caliber hitting, 22caliberhitter, ALEXJONESISBILLHICKS, troll, hoaxer, Child Protective Services, POS, garbage, rapper, Truther Wars, hoaxers, Dominican, Dominican Republic, social media's most wanted

Setting the mood... Yamaha, amanda lehan, jessica janes, Music, demo, creep

This is our "Eclipse" episode of The Stab From The Past Show. We hope you'll enjoy segment #1 music, trivia, movies, videos, entertainment, community TV, August, Lincoln Nebraska

Could this be another adventure in New York, like #SexInTheCity? Here's a match: Felix's face and my butt! Felix Pantaleon is a predator troll. Now he is looking for women and men to date: Felix Pantaleon, Felix Pantaleon Jr., Caliberhitter, caliberhitting, caliber hitter, caliber hitting, caliber hit, caliber hits, caliberhit, caliberhits, ALEXJONESISBILLHICKS, hoaxer, New York, Washington Heights, NYC, New York City, NNNyc, Nasty North, 5 Tool Players, 5toolplayers, 5tool players, YouTuber, Truth Movement, match,, online dating, date, stalker, stalking, banana, bananas, Dominican, Dominican Republic, Chiquita, Google, screencast, Beastie Boys, Hey Ladies, Paul's Boutique, B Boys, dating world, must love cats, New Yorker, thug, bully, cyber bully, ex-boyfriend from hell, omg, lol,, 22caliberhitter

Manners are Back in Style (Be Wise, Be Kind, Be Good) by Chris Wauben Free Mp3 Download of this song at Available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Apple Music, Spotify and other digital music stores, free do... Manners, manners are back in style, be wise, be ind, be good, chris wauben, good manners, pop music, please and thank you

General Fingers is the best Fidget Spinner around, according to so many people on facebook. Watch and learn some of the newest fidget spinner tips and tricks. This is like a skateboarding HIghlight reel. Music by The Manx Shot and Edited ... fidget, fidget spinners, fidget spinner, spinner, spinning, tips and tricks, tips, highlight, cool, willy's fanny, fannypack, roboticwilly, the manx, the coolest, fidget master, fidget walking

Ask your doctor if Basic Bitch Remedy is right for you. basic bitch, basic, bitch, bitches, betch, betches, whohaha, commercial, medication, medicine, prescribe, prescription, funny, comedy, girls

The Walking Ted is one of the best shows on TV right now. the walking dead, the walking ted, parody

I took a trip to Austin with one of my closest friends @DarrenLopez. There was peter pan, weird movies, cowboy boots, tattoos, and a sh$% attack. This makes my 7th Vlog, and it's at least the most eventful Blog so far. Thanks for watching! Li... vlog, vlogger, video, funny, austin, texas, photographer, weird, drinking, travel

Phake Breaking News - Kim Jung Un gets a haircut In lieu of his recent war of words with Temporary President Trump, Korean leader, Kim Jung Un, cancelled his appointed missile launching over the North Pacific. Confronted by his plethora of mili... Fake Breaking News, Fake News, Fake News Story, False Newscast, Funny Video Clips, Very Funny Videos, Political Humor, Funny Political Video, Free Funny Videos, Laughter, Comedy

Forfar Witches Dancing Around The Pagan Fire forfar, witches, pagans, scotland

Dundee Loan Ravers dundee, forfar, scotland

No need to describe this one... it is what it is. Oh, shit! Yes! I do need to mention this performance was recorded at the WORLD FAMOUS Dimples Karaoke Bar in Burbank, California. Well, it WAS in Burbank. Now it's gone. The music will always li... Agent19, The Romantics, I Hear the Secrets That You Keep, secrets, secret, romantic, Montagraph, Dimples, karaoke, karaoke bar, Burbank, Dimples Karaoke, Sal, singing, lip sync, syncing, sing, mic, perform, performance, Mtv, Music television, leather, black, pleather, The Matrix, rubber, vinyl, 80s, 1980, guitar, music, drums, bass, glam, rock, rock and roll, cool, fun, funny, Marilyn Monroe, women, sleep, sleeping, asleep, Agent, Monty, ImYourGhost, October Reignz, OctoberReignz, October Reigns, YouTube, YouTuber, YouTubers, Doug Maguire

the bong boys meet dracula to get help changing the bong back to normal. 420, bong, boys, ep.2, 420 bong boys, weed, webseries

Phake Breaking News - If they only had a heart Humor in the age of Trump Fake Breaking News, Fake News, Fake News Story, False Newscast, Funny Video Clips, Very Funny Videos,Political Humor,Funny Political Video, Free Funny Videos, Laughter, Co... Fake Breaking News, Fake News, Fake News Story, False Newscast, Funny Video Clips, Very Funny Videos, Political Humor, Funny Political Video, Free Funny Videos, Laughter, Comedy