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British conservative peer, The Rt hon Lord Anthony a supportive answer phone message for his old chum Donald Trump. Trump

Did you ever wonder what the Pentagon did with the trillions of misplaced money? Now we know!!! HAHAHAHA! Like, Share, Donate, SUBSCRIBE!!!! Support us by subscribing and donating! https://www... comdey, sketch comedy, satire, 9/11, missing trillions, anti-establishment, curruption, militaryindustrialcomplex, funny, NDAA, the one ring, lightsabers, infinity stones, laserwhips, sex with an alien, socially irresponsible, sketch, skit

Hello Mr. Donald Trump. Is good to meet you. -Dmitri @donaldtrumpgram #donaldtrump #gameofthrones #johnsnow #bastardson #america #instagram #dmitritrump @realdonaldtrump, white house, donald trump, trump, my personal papa, russian, son of trump, dmitri, dmitri trump, instagram, followers, follow me, please follow, social media, Demetrius, Dimitri, Dmitri, Dimitry, Dmitry, Demetre, Demetry, Dmetre, Dmetry, vladimir, putin, social media, game of thrones, bastard, politics, satire, parody, sketch, video, clip, russian, russia, white, illegitimate, affair, president, maga, make, america, great, again, steve, bannon, mooch, scaramucci, sean, spicer, cnn, chief, washington, D.C., DC, government, funny, sad

The cast of HBO's Silicon Valley had a pretty strong reaction to Apple's iPhone X launch leading us to wonder if this new phone is really all that. Silicon Valley, HBO, Mashup, Apple, iPhone X, Launch, Event, Demonstration, Parody, Technology, Mac

David (Michael Sheen) is a middle class guy with middle class problems. Despite his lovely home and beautiful middle class wife (Radha Mitchell), his son Gary (Ty Simpkins) is the same, just thirty years younger. Both are looking for a way out fro... Barbados, Michael Sheen, Radha Mitchell, Ty Simpkins, Short Film, Holiday, Police, Suburbia, Trapped, Dog Walking

Billy is approximately 2 years old and arrived from Egypt a few months ago. He's fully house-trained and doesn't cause any mischief when left alone. Outside, he loves everyone and everything but when he's in his own home, it takes him a while to w... dogs, dog, adoption, rescue, animals, kal mansoor, zanis, furry, friends, canine

Episode #2 Blair & The Bear on FMCW. In this episode Blair & Bear move to a different bar in Bear's neighborhood, and Blair doesn't feel too comfortable. The fellas talk about the Cowboys loss, Tom Brady's comments on Colin Kaepernick, and Bears o... comedyshow, sportshow, animation, football, NFL

Xman Dong wait for it .... LOL Xmen Sketch Comedy

Two room mates. One pear. A savage end. A film inspired by French noir. Lugo, Ferrer, Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Film, Comedy, Short Film, Noir, sketch comedy, french film, parody, murder, pear, badass, room mates, savage, actors, black and white, an, odd

A father with limited skills goes out to make money for 5 kids. comedy, coops channel, money

Phake Breaking News On Tuesday a collective cringe rang out across the globe when Donald Trump climbed on the world stage and addressed the U.N. Delegation. During his stammering incoherent speech, Temporary President Trump yammered on about Iran... Fake Breaking News, Fake News, Fake News Story, False Newscast, Funny Video Clips, Very Funny Videos, Political Humor, Funny Political Video, Free Funny Videos, Laughter, Comedy

Luki-Poo and Killa Kella rap about Fidget Spinners fidget spinner, spinner, lukas lamb, kella raines, fidget, spinners, rap, trap

Baywatch Parody shows what the new Baywatch movie would look like if it was compressed into 60 seconds! And it's hilarious! Watch the uncensored video here: baywatch, parody, spoof, comedy, funny, trailer, girls, sexy, boobs, baywatch parody, baywatch spoof, dancing

Welcome to the critically acclaimed show "Building a Connection" In part one of "how to ask out a male or female person" I show you exactly what to say and how to behave. how to ask out a male or female person, bearded youth

Barbara, Sol and Irma. Irma.

Will is seeking therapy for his social media addiction.... social media addiction, instagram addiction, facebook addiction, ocd, twitter addiction, therapy, psychiatrist, doctor, unhinged, selfies

Who do you call when you're stranded on an island? daniel eachus, tyson pestner, shortsonshorts, sos, unstranded, stranded, island, phone, call, short, sketch, comedy, series

Jenna & her family attend church. Jenna introduces a new singing group that star in a reality show she's producing. 3D, Animation, Comedy

tfw you wake up on the last day of summer and realize you've accomplished nothing. summer, bucket list, mia weinberger, sketch

A competition of misery. Braggage

In the season finale, a heated physical altercation between Mickey and Danny puts the production of "The Kettle and the Sun" in jeopardy. Comedy, Comedy Web Series, Improv, Sketch Comedy, Mockumentary, The Kettle and the Sun, Mickey and Danny, Michael Wahle, Daniel Angarita, Tiffany Baker, Kara Ozkardesh

Tensions run high between Mickey and Danny, as does the romance between Mickey and Danny's girlfriend, Kara, the script supervisor. Comedy, Comedy Web Series, Improv, Sketch Comedy, Mockumentary, The Kettle and the Sun, Mickey and Danny, Michael Wahle, Daniel Angarita, Tiffany Baker, Kara Ozkardesh