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She's alive and well as an idiot congresswoman from Florida. Political, politics, funny, congress

Time to order this season's best holiday party gag gift: the Naked Santa Calendar. Orders yours today at Naked Santa, NakedSanta, NakedSantaCalendar, Naked Santa Calendar, 2018 Calendar, Gag gift, Dirty Santa, White Elephant present

U cant make that shit up politics, UN, human_rights, Pakistan

Not sure if lazy or plain stupid CNN, fakenews

Just need to be patient... politics, Spain, Catalonia

I think I may have a problem -Norbert funny, cat, Norbert

Michael Lieber and Emily Haigh at the Limelight Film Awards 2017 for 'Dead Wrong' nominated for Best Thriller Michael Lieber, Emily Haigh, Dead Wrong, actor, actress, writer, author, movies, films, Limelight Film Awards 2017, London, IMDB, a room to die for, Ramanujan Movie

Real shit weinstein, sexual, assault

America to bury even more nuclear waste in Europe: Ukraine, will kill, Europe

Soccer stays home football, world cup, 2018 cnn, russian hackers, pokemon go

U said what? football, world cup, 2018

man man

Electric, hybrid and low-emission cars in a nutshell nature, environment, green, energy, renewable sources

Stick lives matter Jeans, Fashion, Ripped jeans, Style, Runway, poor, Homeless, Trashy

Tom Miller unveils his patented Birdometer Device and uses it to control the flight path of over 300 birds in April of 2017 at Depot Park, Gainesville, Florida. tom, miller, birdometer, depot, park, gainesville, performance, artist

The smallest country in history qualifying for the WC! football, world cup, 2018

So accurate cnn, fakenews, fraudnews, media, lie

New joke jokes, standup comedy, stand-up comedy, comedy

How I see people who post this politics, memes, funny, europe, germany

Stick lives matter PBS Vietnam, Vietnam, Spoof, Satire, War, Peace, Protest, Lying government, Greedy, Military industrial complex, Innocent men, Waste of lives

Some movies are amazing and mind opening but never find a huge audience. Here is top 5 mind opening movies that will make you think. movies, films, mind