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Make America Great Again? How about Make America Read Again? While the oppressed peoples of the world risk their lives in the pursuit of religious, liberal and economic freedom, with dreams of getting an education and the possibility of climbing ... political, political satire, patriotic, america, merica

Explod-O-Pop Nevada, Hollywood, LA, desert, nuclear

Why buying flowers when your lady can be your flower? fun, plant, fetish, photoshop

Bad Date Kate is ready to move from Animatics to Animation.  Gaming, VR and Technology are a big part of the Show and Kate is ready to play... Game On!! The funding is needed to take the Series into Production, into the Beautifully Animated ... Bad Date Kate, The Babies, Animated Series, Animation, Gaming, Video Games, GamerGrrl, Gamers, VR, Karate, Dating, True Love, Pugs, Chihuahuas, Fashion, Blogging, GoFundkate, Kate, GoFundMe, Comedy, Cartoon, Network, Funding, Relationships, Technology

Did you pay for WinRAR today? fun, internet, memes, winrar, lol

Old rich white man fucks the whole country at once Trump, porn

Burbank Moscow burbank, LA, funny, tv city, russia, moscow

animals only bear

Health and safety warning masturbate, health, safety, safety warning, traffic rules, truck, traffic accident

Killing time stuntman, stunt double, car crash, house

Never bring a chimichanga to a handshake fight Deadpool Trump Ryan Reynolds Marvel President handshake

rollsafe legit reasoning.. think about it, think, about, it, meme, memes, funny meme, funny memes, 9gag, 4chan, original meme, very funny meme, memes 2017, memes 2016, cash me ousside, troll, meme 101, memer, funny, very funny

NatnMandy russians, musicvideo, stills, production, behindthescenes, thehustle, vodka, brooklyn, williamsburg, comedy, sketch, KeyandPeele, pussypower, females, blondes, babes, hangover, happy, pharrell

CCC - Concentration Camp Comedy Holocaust, Concentration Camp Comedy, electric, funny, humor, silly

"Why make the bombs in Iran..." griffith observatory, muslim, nuclear reactor

Happy Valentines day! :) Trump, putin, disney, lady, spagetti, parody, funny, meme

Funny short Mortal Kombat parody. Donald, trump, mexican, immigrant, fatality, animation, funny, or, die, brick, deport, him, finish, political, politicaly, incorrect, great, wall, of, mexico

Donald Trump Valentine's day card for couples separeted by the border wall. trump, donald, valentines, card, aww, romantic, the, great, wall, of, mexico, game, short, animation, immigrant, day, crotch, hurts, just, by, watching, rose

Famous quote Audrey Hepburn, funny, famous line, Breakfast at Tiffany's

Breakin the rules, breaking the rules...break-break-break- Breaking the rulez!! Jim Ford, Breaking the rules

Worst Criminal Ever funnygifs, gifsnation, funny gifs

Political slogan Mexico, Latino, hispanic, politics, slogan