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CADBURY CURLY WURLY isn’t too common a candy bar here in Canada. Ive only seen it in a few smaller stores and I think is mainly a European product. I finally decided to buy one and try it out. From the packaging I couldn’t tell what the product i... CADBURY CURLY WURLY milk chocolate caramel REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, chocolate, funny, meme, meems, memes, food memes, cadbury, caramel

This poor jackass. Jared Weil, Cardboard Box, Man in the Box, Kourtni Beebe, Drew Luster, Boris Khaykin, What Happens Next Will Make You Question Everything You Ever Knew

The Canadian giant chain coffee and donut shop TIM HORTONS rarely ever ventures into innovative or even new flavours adventures with its ICED CAPP drink. But finally it has come out with a new derivative of it. TIM HORTONS CHOCOLATE CHIP ICED CAPP... TIM HORTONS CHOCOLATE CHIP ICED CAPP REVIEW VIDEO, food, canada, canadian, foodie, chocolate, coffee, funny, viral, meme, memes

DAIRY QUEEN has come out with many new BLIZZARD treats this year. The PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE DOUGH BLIZZARD is one of them. I had never seen or tried cookie dough and peanut butter together. I was intrigued by this combination. Just by looking at t... DAIRY QUEEN PEANUT BUTTER COOKIE DOUGH BLIZZARD REVIEW, food, foodie, dessert, funny, meme, meems, memes, viral

My sister in law, Jackie, is selling her 2009 Dodge Durango because she has gotten too huge from muscle. muscle, car, sister in law, strong women

Three brief tales of horror from the most terrifying place imaginable. Coffee, coffeeshop, starbucks, plugs, horror, terror

"...It was only then that I realized what I had created. My hellish elixir did not separate “good” and “evil.” No. It had a far more-sinister purpose: It separated “Doctor” and “Non-Doctor! A fate I would not wish on my enemies!" jekyll, hyde, doctor, evil, good

I love coconut and I love chocolate. I also love the combination of coconut and chocolate. But how about throwing cashew into the mix ? CADBURY DAIRY MILK COCONUT CASHEW milk chocolate bar caught my interest. As soon as I opened the wrapper an ama... CADBURY DAIRY MILK COCONUT CASHEW milk chocolate REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, funny, viral, meme, memes

Wow, what a year 2018 has been for Halloween Costumes already! We have some amazing new frontrunners for best costumes of the year, so we're gonna go ahead and tell you how to get the look, even though you probably won't because it will soon fade ... halloween customes, halloween, dressing up

Nothing cuter than an ice cream truck full of zombies. 13 of the most ridiculous things from last night's 'Fear The Walking Dead' S04E07 "The Wrong Side of Where You Are Now" fear the walking dead s04e07 the wrong side of where you are now, ftwd s04e07, madison, baseball, nick, flashback, morgan, al, charlie, charley, strand

Here are a few problematic cakes that Christian cake maker Jack Phillips had no issues making. supreme court, jack phillips

Please get this into the hands of all your humor fans, so they can get it into the hands of the people I’m talking about. #politicalcomedy #comedians #UCWA #comedycharacters

Please, help us get millions of humor fans to express their outrage on this issue. #UCWA #Koko #funnyanimals #comedians

Humor fans! You guys just don’t know the hell we have to go through, trying to exercise our Constitutional rights to be funny. And this is just one of many of the situations we have to deal with. #UCWA #AlFranken #comedy #politicalcomedy #comedians

Is it time for men to leave the work force and take on the role of the housewife? By King Christopher House Husband, relationships, marriage, Women, men, funny, Housewives

What do Tic Tac Toe, Paul Revere and Fireworks all have in common? Well, seemingly nothing. But, they all played a key role in the 10 times that Dos Equis made history a little more interesante. Dos Equis, Beer

Is it CHEETOZ or CHEETOS ? Are you confused yet ? No you are not in a time warp of some kind. CHEETOZ is an Iranian brand of cheese puffs. CHEETOZ MOTORI ( Bike rider ) is one of the CHEETOZ products made in Iran. This product features a cartooni... CHEETOZ MOTORI ( Iranian Cheetos ) REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, foodies, iran, persia, persian, iranian, funny, meme, memes

You know the famous ones, but do you know the non-famous ones? Here are their stories. music, rock n roll, satire, siblings, funny, list, article, parody, mick jagger, don henley, phill collins, dolly parton, lol

Last year HERSHEY came out with a FLAVOUR OF CALIFORNIA STRAWBERRY KIT KAT bar. Unfortunately since HERSHEY KIT KAT bars are exclusive to USA I couldn’t get my hands on it to try and review it. This year they have made an upgrade to it. HERSHEY F... HERSHEY FLAVOUR OF CALIFORNIA CHOCOLATE COVERED STRAWBERRY KIT KAT REVIEW, food, foodie, funny, viral, chocolate, kitkat, kit kat, meme, memes

OREO the most ubiquitous ingredient of all time ? Hmmm certainly seems that way. CADBURY DAIRY MILK OREO and MILKA OREO are two rivalling chocolate bars for OREO fans. Are they different enough for OREO fans to be able to pick a favourite ? Thats ... VERSUS : CADBURY DAIRY MILK OREO vs MILKA OREO milk chocolate bars, food, foodie, funny, viral, oreo, chocolate, yummy, meme, memes

AOL and Yahoo are the two leading email services which have millions of users and also have different and effective features. AOL and Yahoo will be combined into a brand new unit named as Oath following acquisition of Verizon of Yahoo, the largest... yahoo contact number, yahoo support number, yahoo customer service, yahoo helpline number, yahoo phone number

President Trump has pardoned infamous turd, Dinesh D'Souza turd, trump, Dinesh D'Souza