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Watch this hilarious clip from last night's episode of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' to find out what month it is. jimmy kimmel, the jimmy Kimmel show, late night

Jesus and I as boys Jesus God

In light of lawsuits for joke-theft, Jerry Sandusky, Kevin Spacey, and electing a president who once hosted a reality show on NBC ... this is the dawning of the age of the, *internets.* Stephen Colbert, Too Funny to Fail, Dana Carvey, The Simpsons, NBC


That time Seth Rogen told Tom Cruise there are videos of naked people on the internet. seth rogen, judd apatow, tom cruise, 2006, ryan perez, tom cruise has never seen a movie

70% of this list is made of water. brita, water, vacation

Even though I have a sweet tooth , its almost always geared towards chocolate and rarely ever for candy. The Canadian brand CARNABY SWEET has a wide range of candies. The CARNABY SWEET cherry sours is one of their common products. These are arti... CARNABY SWEET Cherry Sours candy REVIEW VIDEO, candy, canada, canadian, food, foodie, sweet tooth

Here are the funniest Harry Potter themed tweets on the web harry potters, funniest tweets, jk rowling

They say never compare yourself... but neither they nor you are Jeff Goldblum. cooking with jeff, jeff goldblum

Performance artists David Henry Nobody Jr's bizarre Instagram is a must follow Henry nobody jr, Instagram, weird, art

In "Cooking with Jeff 2" Jeff Goldblum and his special guest Bryce Dallas Howard showed us how to make a delicious vegetarian breakfast that isn't just a glass of V8. cooking with jeff, jeff goldblum

Prepare to have your heart warmed and then completely broken. MLB, baseball, first pitch, Baltimore Orioles, Boston Red Sox, Mookie Betts

The now-famous, recently released recording of Donald Trump talking to Michael Cohen about payment to former Playboy model Karen McDougal is THE TALK OF THE TOWN, everyone. It's time we figure out what the heck everyone's talking about. Donald Trump, politics, Michael Cohen

Leave Jonah Hill alone!!! jonah hill, sad montage, hurt, johnny cash, superbad, brad pitt, dicaprio, kimmell

An excerpt from a 45-minute session. supervillain, hero, he-man, skeletor, therapy, childhood trauma, monolouge, humor

Father is awfully attached to deceased pet. Funeral, humor, pet, summer camp

Obama finally finds success. Obama, Etsy, Crafts, POTUS, Barack, Politics, Business

Preheat those ovens, gang; the master of Chef Theory Jeff Goldblum is back to teach us how to upgrade our kitchen game. cooking with jeff, jeff goldblum

This year's San Diego Comic-Con attendees went above and beyond the call of duty for creative costumes. Here are some of the best ones. comic con, sdcc, 2018 comic-con, costumes, cosplay, san diego, breaking bad, aaron paul, up, ninja turtles, batman, joker

Here are some of the funniest tweet's in reaction to R. Kelly's extremely problematic track titled 'I Admit It" r kelly, I admit it, trapped in the cloest, internet reactions, funny or die

The Morgan family starts a new family tradition that the father and daughter pick up from his new wife and step daughter. Will the tradition bring the family together or drive them apart? War, family, LBGTQ, traditions

The obese white woman to her left shouts Ahhhhhh STOP HER! Someone GRAB HER! I'm up in the aisle with two handfuls of fake mink wrestling Aunty back into her seat. 

 greyhound bus, unwashed masses, epic fail, danger, road story, road trip, will ferrell, immortal, laugh out loud, lol, best, funny, funniest, top ten list, snl, comedy central, cats, college humor, number one, haha, most views, fun, new york city, all star, making fun, hilarious, great, lmao, rotfl, omg, top ten, top ten funniest, embarassing