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A fake TIME magazine cover featuring Donald Trump was found at one of his golf resorts. I did some investigating to find other fake things Trump has at these resorts. Donald, Trump, Donald Trump, Fake, Magazine, TIME

11 Other Uses For 101 Dalmatians Besides What Cruella Had In Mind 101 Dalmatians, Disney, Cruella De Vil, Dogs, Dalmatians

I want to learn about summer! summer, school, teaching, seasons, summer school

Some things should either always be full price or just not for sale. But when they're on Groupon, it seems like such a good deal! Groupon, Deals, Sales, Circumcisions, wtf, Cremations, Laser Eye Treatment

Steer clear of these diarrhea vehicles. Food, Food Trucks, USA, America, Bad Food, Chinese Food, Feta, Leftovers, 2 Girls 1 Cup, White Bread, UPS, ISIS, ice Cream

Is "Hot Milk" really that dirty? Mike Pence, Politics, Swears, Curses, Vice President, GOP

Some people just don't understand what's coming out of their mouth! saying common phrases no sense

Also, Jack smiles like a child molester at a probation hearing. bachelorette, bachelor, rachel lindsay, abc, chris harrison, tv recaps, tv recap, television, reality, lee, kenny king, ring of honor, iggy, jonathan, jack, hilton head, norway, handball, wrong reasons, snake, snek, rose ceremony, rose, going home, one on one, two on one, group date, helicopter

Nerdy TV Dweeb, Nerd, Geek, Freak, TV, Comics, Toys, Movies, Shows, WTF, FML, FTW, MA, Adult, Showtime, Netflix, JOB, HBO, BBC, CBS, NBC, Comedy Central, FOX, ABC, LA, Hollywood

The Segway is Michael Stipe's Phoenix, bursting from the ashes of the conflagration that was R.E.M. Michael Stipe, Segway, REM, los angeles gridlock, traffic, KRS-One, Judgment night, Hollywood

With great power comes great tweets. tweets, funny, twitter roundup, jokes, comedians, who to follow, spider-man, spiderman, superheroes

Shocking email between Nintendo employee confirms your fears of a SNES Classic shortage, but with reasons you could've never possibly imagined. shes classic, super nintendo classic, leaked email, leak email, leak, nintendo, starfox 2, super mario world, meteroid, super mario, mario, 21 games, twenty one games, games, video game, video games, linda, jeff, steve

I'd rather get a horrible sun burn sitting on a crowded beach than sit through 'Lost' season 6 again summer, Hot, Sweat, Lost, Mystery, Television, Seasons, Smoke Monster

These question have been on our mind since we closed the door on Harry and his friends... harry potter 20 twenty birthday anniversary JK Rowling Daniel Radcliffe

Alicia has a new boyfriend and Legolas joins the team! 16 of the most ridiculous things from last night's 'Fear The Walking Dead' S03E05 "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame" fear the walking dead s03e05, ftwd s03e05, "Burning in Water, Drowning in Flame", alicia, madison, troy, eye, skull, crow, indian, native american, burning, fire, knife, bible study, water, boot, boots

Celebrate unlucky Frenchmen, doubting saints, ice cream lovers, Canadian singers, world population, tequila drinkers, crooked politicians, Nelson Mandela and friends with a MemoryTag greeting card. MemoryTag greeting cards celebrate holidays in July, holidays in July, obscure holidays

From the Global Leader in Unsought Content healthandfitness, workout, crossfit

Here are some more short stories I wrote over the years! ENJOY! bears, animals, giants, dragons, myths, magic, short story collection, short stories, short story, random, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, Bucky Talk, Spotty, toad, mouse, pets, pet, dogs, dog, knights, knight, kings, king, princess, lovers, gay pride, gay lovers, Sam, Mist, birds, pet sitting, winter, winter is coming, game of thrones, magic wars, wars, war, battle, epic battle, kingdom, kingdom of man, warriors, fox, why, wacky, wild party, best friends, BFF, teenagers, teens, 90's, 1991, 2017, 90's kids, new toys, toys, annoying, cute, pride, funny, rude, night, cave, forbidden love, beer, pie, pies, Mr. Hunter, duck, ducks, bugs, bug, ice, Mrs. S, Miss, miss, Mrs., The Giant and The Dragon, Spotty's New Pets, what the fuck, what the hell, random post, blog post, blog, read a book, reading rainbow, parody, riddles, riddle, jokes, joke, cartoons, talking animals, funny animals, cartoon, toons, toon, cartoon characters, mascots, crossover, epic crossover, Funtime, fun, time, lion, tigers, roosters, DJ, frat boys, alligators, alligator, gators, interns, Vegas, Las Vegas, Chicago, forest, kids show, TV show, prince, thieves, criminals, bandits, video game, boss fight, Binky Bear, Binky Bear's Wild Party, ECW, WWE, wrestling, the man, the boss, boss of you, I'm the boss

There is no weird place to masturbate. There, I said it. masturbate, masturbation, opinion, unpopular, changing the world, important, sex

Well, kittens, this is it: the climactic finale to Drag Race's biggest season to date! drag, ru paul, sickening, gay, recap, finale

The young man has had enough. Asahd Khaled, DJ Khaled, Children, Music, Musicians, Babies