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Are these tweets really going to have to spell it out for you? funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians, haters

Your Mother Loves You Dearly Honor Her on Mother's Day with a MemoryTag card. Mother's Day, Dysfunctional Mothers

My alarm wasn't the only thing I missed. Top 10 Lists, Sleeping, Villagers

The Top 5 Hottest Father Thighs In The World. hot, father, thighs, daddy, legs, sons, son, daughter, daughters, moms, mothers, mommy, papa, dad, bones, walk, yummy, radio, fathersday, fathers, day, leg hair, fathers day, mothers day, valentines day, valentien, america, christmas, weed, gift, dark web, toes, jay z, jay-z, beyonce, twins, quads, muscles, jerk, muscle daddy, jerking off, masturbation, masturbate, masturbating, masturbated, cum

Everyone's doing it these days. By 'it' I absolutely mean releasing their once private skincare routines and I will not be left out. Not again. skincare, bloggers, christopher walken, Celebrities

Last week, Charlie Hides went out with a whimper. Luckily, this week starts with a BANG when Ru enters the workroom... ru paul, drag, sickening, ru paul's drag race, tv, television

We’ve all heard the warnings: “Watch your carbon footprint!” “Don’t dump oil in the Gulf!” “Hold this polar bear while I take a picture of my crying Native American uncle!” - This Earth Day, these are Just the Tips for “going green”. going green, earth day, Ike and tom are it

Here are the top 9 funniest moments in the history of basketball. basketball, funny, funniest moments, funny basketball

All about the reality of the Philippines Archipelago Philippines

Area residents this week flooded the local police station with anxious calls concerning cheerful, happy-looking drones in their neighborhood looking through their windows drone, NothingToWorryAbout, happy

Bill O'Reilly's next job just might be one of those old crabby muppets who sits in the balcony and talks shit. Bill O'Reilly, Politics, Fox News, Sexual Harassment, The O'Reilly Factor, Jobs, Work, Careers

For all the haters ! #YourJustJealous Haters gonna hate, No love, Mad, Pissy, Some people, -, Sad, WTF, Like Whatever, Dude !, Brah !, Bud !, Champ !, Cap'N, Butthole, Dickhead, Jackass, Jagoff, Loser, Evil, Bad guy, Low life, FU, Blow me bitch, Up yours, Get a life

White House moms talk bullying and bananas. politics, trump, white house, jared kushner, steve bannon, ivanka, bullying, bananas, moms, mothers

Refuse the sexual advances of Bill O'Reilly. Jobs, Promotions, How To, Tutorials, Employment, Careers, Success, Failure

"I'd love to pitch these blockbusters to him, but I'm legally not allowed to!" steven spielberg, stalker, movies, film, director, hollywood, jaws, schindler's list, jurassic park, catch me if you can, the goonies, saving private ryan, close encounters

2. You were recently reminded of what happened to Mufasa. Exams, Finals, Excuses, Final Paper, Extensions, College, Mufasa

Starbucks Baristas Absolutely Hate Making The New Bird Piss Latte starbucks, unicorn, piss

Unfortunately, this week's tweets have been given a terminal diagnosis. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

When we found out we were pregnant with Bradley, the first thing on our minds was whether or not his bologna pony was getting snipped or left alone. Circumcision, Circumcising, Children, Penis, Foreskin, snipped

[humming the theme to Clutch Cargo] Max Headroom, hack, pirate tv, 1987

Here's a random collection of short stories I wrote over the years! magic, short stories, Stork vs. Hawk, BWC, wrestling, pro wrestling, Bucky Talk, Steven Bucky Butler, Bucky Butler, three, short story collection, magical creatures, hawk, stork, dogs, animals, wrestlers, championships, tag team, brawl, fighting, nature, adventure, bad guy, I'm the bad guy, random, funny, wacky, original, 2017, 1991, old school, tribute, sexy, wild animals, wild, raw, WWE, KWE, Spotty, Bucky

The dish is listed at $69.99 and includes an article of clothing from the murdered and cooked scientist as a side garnish. Donald Trump, Mar A Lago, Science, Climate Change, Food, Grilled, Global Warming, Menu, Resorts, Florida, Scientist