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There was just no way to see this coming. Donald Trump, Make America Great Again, MAGA, racist, racism, Hillary Clinton, Charlottesville, white supremacists, Neo-Nazis

A pissed off Bucos rant by a 31 year old fanboy. MLB, Pittsburgh Pirates, Bucos, Rant, Blog, Fanboy, Open letter, Sports, FML, WTF, FTW, Call out, Pissed off

Please don't try these. gym, douchiest, weights, fitness

"You work at both Google and the DMV, right?" dmv, google, phrases, cool, wow

You get it 69, silly, jokes, funny, pitctures

It's time for a report on the regional economy, which can only be understood through the number of Subway restaurants in the area. Subway, Neighborhood Council, subway sandwiches, i love subway, more subway

This is the complete method to make a German chocolate cake at home .if you love to eat echolocate cake then this tutorial for you chocolate cake, german chocolate cake, how to make cake

You see the swastika, you hear the chanting, and you start to wonder – might this gentleman be a Nazi? nazis, charlottsville, protest, black lives matter, nazi, trump

Making a Big 3 team. Big 3, FSN, FOX Sports, Basketball, 2018, Summer, Lucha Underground, Trios, 3, 2 for 1

Hey Siri, u up? siri, apple, computer, relationship, dating, love, marriage, stalker

In a dramatic escalation of sexual tension with North Korea, the U.S. military launched a Penelope Cruz missile from a submarine in the Sea of Japan. PenelopeCruz, NorthKorea, MissileLaunch, AllYouNeedIsLove

Did they really think we'd believe this? Chevrolet, Chevy, real people not actors, Mark Ruffalo, commercial, TV, ad

Top 10 list of things we should get real about SA ! Real, Life, Top 10, Smartass, No lay, Rants, Blogs, List, Rank, FTW, WTF, FML, BS, $, Some people, Love to hate

Trump was reportedly browsing the Under Armour site later in the evening for a smaller pair of gloves. Trump, Under Armour, Golf

These bot twitter accounts are fire. twitter, bots, good tweets, robots, love, twitter bots

For a local worshiper of Satan, the protests in Charlottesville were very upsetting, as Nazi demonstrators hotdogged for the cameras. Nazis, Showboating, Satan

It's like Venmo, but not. app, sarahah, phone, message, anonymous, lol, funny

Lots of things can be ladders: chaos, confusion, just hangin out in Winterfell for a while. game of thrones, little finger, chaos, ladders, accent, winterfell

How shallow can you get? MemoryTag Greeting cards, MemoryTag Birthday cards, MemoryTag Valentine's Day Cards, The Bachelorette TV show, MemoryTag Congruations Cards, MemoryTag Thank You cards

Westeros has really become an all-out balls-out freak zone these days game of thrones, dragons, jaime, bronn, tyrion, daenerys, dothraki, jorah, sam tarly, citadel, winterfell, eastwatch, cersei, sansa, arya, littlefinger, varys, davos, gendry, thoros of myr, beric dondarrion, war hammer, smuggling, king's landing, the wall, white walkers, jon snow

As President Donald Trump explains, there are often "many sides" to an argument, be it in a white supremacy rally or classic '80s movies. trump, 80s, movies, nostalgia, back to the future, et, goonies, top gun, star wars