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"The only way the judge will let me have custody of the boy is if I show I have a substantial income. Unfortunately my job is selling homemade artisanal paper towel" paper towel, the mayor, my wife is fucking the mayor

Random TV shit that would be cool. Ideas, TV, Shows, Series, Reruns

Get inspired with these ultra innovative D-bomb techniques kids, divorce, listicle, lists, family, stranger things, camping, alexa, snapchat

Get the tissues, this one's tear jerker. politics, obama, adoption, barak obama, president

Putin and Trump are cut from the same cloth. Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump, Russia, 2016 Presidential Election

An incredible more by The Transport Department. cars, driving, satire, passive aggressive, drive, motor, vehicle, anger, frustration

She just doesn't get it (Yes, horses can be girls!). Criminal Justice System, Police, Horses, Police Horse, Animals, Arrest, Drugs, Racism, Criminal Justice, Racial Bias

Darth Vader looks for love. Star Wars, Darth Vader, dating, love, speed dating

This week's tweets are due literally any day now. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter, roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

Advice for future stalkers of celebrities. stalking

Use these facts to win the game! guess who, board game, fun, facts, guess who?, hasbro, fun facts

"Name one other way to see a naked woman besides Playboy Magazine." Playboy, Nudity, Hugh Hefner, Amish, God, Religion, Playboy Magazine

"Isn't it hypocritical for Trump to criticize Obama for golfing and then hit the links every weekend?" Umm, you might want to take a mulligan on that one, snowflake! Donald Trump, Golf, Sports, Politics, Barack Obama, Golfing, President Trump

If only they could morph into better books. Animorphs, Book Titles, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Scholastic, Harambe, Seaworld

A new web series from Boo Ya Pictures totally reported, vice, spoof, p-00, poo, drugs, nightlife, booyapictures, dealer, prague

Can you help Ross the Rogue Nation Rhino find America's secret nuclear sites? Mar-a-Lago, Donald Trump, Palm Beach, Florida, Placemats, Presidential, Food, Russia, Games

Steve: Speaks of the pompatus of love. Stephen: Speaks like a pompous ass you’re scared of. Stephen Miller, Steve Miller, Trump, Space Cowboy, The Joker, Pompatus, Pompous Ass, Musicians

He's still too proud to delete them. Donald Trump, Tweets, Twitter, President Trump, Regrets, Politics, Panda Express, Harry Potter, England

The UK gets its own real-life ‘wizarding school’ when Bothwell School of Witchcraft opens its doors in August 2017 larp harry potter hogwarts adventure school game

With an interactive video greeting card to you ask for a date without the risk of rejection. greeting cards, MemoryTag cards, dating, romance, relationshipps

"Friends and co-workers have been raving about the show to me non-stop... Apparently the show is simply a still shot of a dog dressed like Santa Claus." this is us, television, christmas, dogs