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Alexa recently secretly recorded a couple's conversation then sent it to their friend. Then they called Alexa out on it and she got pretty defensive. This is no misunderstanding. There is some crazy drama between this couple, their "friend," and o... technology, alexa, amazon alexa, high school drama

India has some very cool and exotic flavours . While butter may not sound like an exotic or exciting flavour , cause it was from the BRITANNIA GOOD DAY BUTTER COOKIES I really wanted to try it. These cookies are round simple and medium sized cook... BRITANNIA GOOD DAY BUTTER COOKIES REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, cookcies, india, indian, funny, meme, memes, viral

A guy who has worked with child and teen actors on stage and screen for 20 years discusses WHY??? Fleeting moments

I have had the regular NESTLE COFFEE CRISP candy bar many times before. I was always disappointed that to me the bar never tasted like coffee at all. Recently NESTLE came out with the COFFEE CRISP MACCHIATO CARAMEL candy bar. That bar had an amazi... NESTLE COFFEE CRISP STIX SALTED CARAMEL REVIEW, chocolate, nestle, coffee, funny, meme, memes, viral

Seems like OREO cookies and their variety of flavours have become so popular that now they are being put into other sweet treats by different brands. CADBURY came out with the DAIRY MILK OREO PEANUT BUTTER flavour milk chocolate bar a few months b... CADBURY DAIRY MILK OREO PEANUT BUTTER milk chocolate bar REVIEW, fodo, food, foodie, oreo, peanut butter, chocolate, viral, youtubers, youtuber

How can the infamous American Girl dolls stay popular in today's times? By reaching out to a new audience! And by a new audience, I mean dads. Parody, Dad Jokes

After another school shooting, Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick really had his hands full. The bullets from "The Gun Control Argument" were flying right toward him. But he figured out how to get out of the way quickly! Gun Control, 2nd Amendment, GOP, school shootings, mass shootings

Good luck reasoning with a dude who dresses like this while playing frisbee. 14 of the most ridiculous things from last night's 'Fear The Walking Dead' S04E06 "Just in Case" fear the walking dead s04e06, ftwd s04e06, just in case, zombie, zombies, alicia, nick, fake doctor lady, laura, joe, shot, vultures, the walking dead

If you want to be successful, they have to go do something about it. Here are five things successful entrepreneurs do on the weekends to become more productive too. ammar, kattoula, Ammar, Kattoula, ammarkattoula, AmmarKattoula, gambling, roseville

Do yall take the furniture into the fitting rooms to try on ? FITTING ROOMS INSIDE A FURNITURE STORE !!!, funny, meme, meems, viral, memes, fail, fails, viral video, video, videos

Perhaps try a Dark ‘N’ Stormy Daniels drinks, summer, humor, comedy, politics, 2018

DAIRY QUEEN has come out with a bunch of new BLIZZARD flavours this summer. One of them is the DAIRY QUEEN SKOR CARAMEL BROWNIE BLIZZARD. I love brownies and actually like the SKOR candy bar a lot , so I decided to give this treat a try. This bl... DAIRY QUEEN SKOR CARAMEL BROWNIE BLIZZARD REVIEW, food, foodie, viral, meme, memes, ice cream, funny

It's time we accepted the truth. christans, jews, illuminati, alt right

Công ty TNHH công nghệ mạng Sinbad ra đời với đội ngũ nhân sự chuyên nghiệp cùng nguồn vốn đầu tư bài bản, chúng tôi xây dựng mô hình công ty trọn gói Công ty TNHH công nghệ mạng Sinbad, Khoá học google adwords hiển thị

Donald Trump, who does everything better than anyone else, created this crossword puzzle. donald trump, crossword puzzle, fake news, stormy, collusion, obama

A robot's recording is dividing the internet as to whether it's saying Yanny or Laurel. Here are the most convincing arguments we've heard so far. Yanny Laurel, robot voice, internet discussion, debate

I love dark chocolate , mango and coconut for as dessert flavours separately or in various combinations with each other. However I dont remember having all three together in one product. BROOKSIDE DARK CHOCOLATE MANGO COCONUT CRISP has combined al... food, foodie, funny, viral, chocolate, meme, memes, BROOKSIDE DARK CHOCOLATE MANGO COCONUT CRISP REVIEW VIDEO, coconut, mango

Welcome to my cabin, madam! May I interest you in a singing fish or some big smelly boots? fear the walking dead s04e05 laura, ftwd s04e05, john, scrabble, laura, dorie

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Jimmy Fallon Sings the Pokemon Theme Song based off his TV Show Late Night, Parody, Song

I am always on the lookout for snacks from interesting and exotic countries. I love trying new and exciting flavours. BRITANNIA is a brand from India and I was excited when I found their GOOD DAY PISTA ALMOND cookies. PISTA ALMOND , incase you wer... BRITANNIA GOOD DAY PISTA ALMOND Cookies REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, india, asia, indian, asian, funny, viral

There is so many different brands of chocolate hazelnut spreads, some very well known and some not known at all. A while ago I came across one called MAJOR GOURMET CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SPREAD. Its apparently is made in Germany for a Canadian compan... MAJOR GOURMET CHOCOLATE HAZELNUT SPREAD REVIEW VIDEO, food, foodie, funny, viral, canada, canadian, meme, memes