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MemoryTag Greeting Cards say more than any other cards and some are really freaked out. MemoryTag Greeting cards, The New Humorous Greeting Cards, Greeting Cards as Entertainment, Comedy Greeting cards

A rant for Chris Hardwick, on the wonders of childhood that we are not allowed to do but still do. Comedy, Rant, Childhood, Nerddom

A dream rivalry for Impact pro wrestling. TNA, impact, xplosion, pro wrestling, AAA, Daffney

Ru Paul's Drag Race is back with a Season 9 Premiere to GaGag over! drag, Ru Paul, sickening, rupaul drag race, rupaul drag reason season 9 premier, premiere recap, season 9 episode 1, rupaul, Ru Paul Drag Race, RuPaul's Drag Race Premier, Season 9, recap, josh sharp is funny

If Fashion Trends Repeat Every 20 Years, Why Does My Brother Still Make Fun Of My Puka Necklace? puka, necklace, 90s, satire, love

If dinosaurs were smarter, maybe they would be alive today. dinosaurs, funny, Darwin awards, ways to die, evolution, extinction

A duty free liaison fostering employee relations and goodwill, said Davis. ONION, THE ONION, STUPID, WEIRD, SILLY, GOOFY, CORNY, COMEDY, FUNNY

Add a drop of coffee to your morning Jameson. Networking, Tips, Fun, Success, How To, Tutorials, Successful

"Please don't charge me. I want to die." Siri, iPhone, Apple, Depressing, Intelligent, Personal Assistant, Knowledge

Donald Trump vs The USA, a play by play. trump wars, boxing, anti americaan, usa, political humor

If Quinoa Is Supposed To Be Healthy, Can Someone Please Explain Why I'm Still Addicted To Meth? crystal meth, health, quinoa, funny, satire

This week's tweets are for all you amateur gumshoes out there. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

Gonna deactivate this page soon... Facebook, Attention, Facebook Status, Social Media, Vague, AMA, Sick, Goodbye

Staying in a hotel is one of the better things in life. It’s a little home away from home, but... hotel, travel, humor

He's the newest, most-punchable face on the street! Sesame Street, PBS, Muppets, Jim Henson, Alt-Right, Puppets, Children, TV, Television, HBO, Conservative, Neo Nazi

24 million people will lose their insurance, but now we can afford to fund research for a Ronald Reagan Frankenstein! GOP, Healthcare, CBO, Politics, Health, ACA, Money, Donald Trump, Paul Ryan, Mar a Lago, Savings, Ronald Reagan, Frankenstein

It's not all just about cigarettes anymore. Surgeon General, Warnings, Dangerous, New, Caution

You can too! Facebook, Social Media, Bloggers, Yelling, Parents, Dads, Bad Parents, State Capitals, Children

Hide sleeping babies all over their home. Neighbors, Noisy, Annoying, Shut Up, Quiet, Loud

Feel old yet? That’s longer than the existence of the iPhone. How about now? Donald Trump, Politics, President Trump, President, Time, GOP

Don Trump I advised to practice more discretion than hot air. Donald Trump lies, Donald Trump as president, Donald Trump and allegations of Obama wiretapping