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Lets make a new pro wrestling tag team for impact pro wrestling or ROH or some shit because these 3 are ready for the primetime good buddy ! NWA, WWWF, WWF, TNA, ECW, WCW, Impact, ROH, AAA, Pro Wrestling, Tag Team, public domain, WV, Sporty, Next Level, The best, Champs, Wild & Wonderfull, Too Sweet, One Sweet, Sux it, The Club, Tri-State, Ohio Valley, BDW, WVCW, XXX, Badass mother fuckers, Hot slut, MA, Hardcore

A card can test someone's love. happy birthday or congratulations, get well soon, happy anniversary, friendship, Father’s Day, thank you, Valentine’s Day or wedding cards.

Bitcoin is definitely ... something. tweets, funny, twitter roundup, jokes, comedians, who to follow, bitcoin, cryptocurrency

WARNING: These tweets may not be safe for the lactose intolerant. tweets, funny, twitter roundup, jokes, comedians, who to follow, christmas, eggnog

No tweets this year were gooder than these. funny, tweets, jokes, best of the week, best of the year, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

This week's tweets may be too extreme for many of you. funny, tweets, best of the week, twitter roundup, 27 goodest tweets, who to follow, comedians

We couldn't read his lips, but we did the math. LeBron James, Lonzo Ball, LaVar Ball, Los Angeles Lakers, Cleveland Cavaliers, Big Baller Brand

Look... honestly we all need this. twiiter, glazer, glazerboohoohoo, politics, trump

We all need it. twitter, glazerboohoohoo, glazer, politics, trump

VRGN4EV license plate, vanity plate, car, comedy, humor

It's that time of year again, time to click on this for a moment of peace. twitter, politics, animals, magic, holidays, channukah, christmas, gifts, travel, family, tweets, glazerboohoohoo, glazer

The Internet is survived by its wife, Debra, and two kids, @ and #. tweets, funny, twitter roundup, jokes, comedians, net neutrality, FCC, internet, politics

How can they get away with it? fox news, news, fox, lol, funny, anchor, repoter, politics

It's time to give credit where credit is due----behind you. MmeoryTag greeting cards, Memorytag happy birthday cards, graduation cards, get well cards, anniversary cards, animal cards, seasonal cards

Turns out the president didn't actually endorse Roy Moore! Much like the Judge, he was just kidding around. donald, trump, tweet, twitter, gop, maga, make america great again, rant, president, realdonaldtrump, roy, moore, alabama, senate, senator, doug, jones, liberal, conservative, congress, white house, united states, america, usa, 45, republicans, democrats

The team from the head of Keith Evans brings you the latest news regarding food & lifestyle. restaurant, cuisine, fusion, green bean casserole, holiday, vacation, hot spots, fine dining, POC, new, black people, white people, ethnic food, people of color, michelin star, satire, funny, humor, humour, blog, article, evans from the heavens, Keith Evans, comedy, sarcasm, buzzfeed

The team from the head of Keith Evans brings you important and pertinent information/advice regarding relationships. satire, parody, humor, humour, relationships, love, respect, list, evans from the heavens, Keith Evans, comedy, funny, advice, relationship advice, love advice, boyfriend, girlfriend, women, men, gender inequality, blogs, buzzfeed, articles, sarcasm

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When the roof blew up on Nakatomi Plaza, that B lit up like a GD Christmas tree. Die Hard, Christmas, action movies, Bruce Willis, Hans Gruber, John McClane, Alan Rickman

The biggest twist is that season 4 was actually season 3 all along! black mirror, netflix, twist, spoilers, comedy, humor

The following is an actual exchange between myself and the esteemed people of Radioshack. Radioshack Batteries, Radioshack, Batteries, sock, prison, email, james, james springfield

Look WWE you know i love more than life it self but you have gotz tah put the Gold on KANE ! On ! MONDAY NiGHT RAW ! #KANE (Put the RAW title on Kane and i will come up with some new cool ideas for the WWE for free as always if you make Kane Th... WWE, Pro Wrestling, RAW, ECW, WCW, WWWF, Wasslin, Real life, Sports, USA, WWE Network, PPV, Best of the best, Champion, Kane, Monster, Demon, Beast, The Big Red Machine, RED, Killer, world wrestling federation, RAW brand, #1, Memes, Funny pics, True, Next big thing, Calling it now