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I do social and political satire in the form of songs. I sing them myself (somebody has to) and accompany myself on the piano. My songs have been played by the radio shows "All Things Considered", "Democracy Now", and MPR's "The Morning Show". I also do a character called the Rev. Hosea Hickey . In 1976, as noted by Rolling Stone Magazine, Rev. Hickey and his New Jerusalem Upright Party went to the Republican Convention in Kansas City to begin his campaign for President of the United States. (He lost.) On occasion, Rev. Hickey still preaches on street corners and in internet videos. He has a forthcoming video sermon entitled "Here Come The Mormons". My CDs, available at cdbaby.com, include a celebrity tribute - "All Creatures Great And Small" - and a Presidential tribute "Impeach Me". A new CD "Controversy 101 Raunch And Blasphemy" should be available by Labor Day. Currently an artist called Moonvie is spicing up some of my songs with video clips and animation. Check out his stuff - it's really good.