Dateless Dateless


Welcome to Relationship Realty. Matchmaking is our name, making money is our game. Adult, cheesy humor w/ some PG-13 language thrown in.

We are simply a (not so) small group of people who enjoy making people laugh, telling a light hearted story & enjoying ourselves in the process. Dateless was originally created as a trilogy but we had so much fun doing it that we decided to film more. It's a story about a matchmaking office & the unique personalities who work there, loosely based on the real life happenings of the creator. Full Cast: Mel: Mel Gelbart, Dominic: Robert Parham, K'ellie: Bunny Stewart, Liz Beth: Pamela Kehele, Sophie: Veronica Bruno, Bradley: Dennis Harris, Amanda: Lindsay Witter & Eryn Knight, Barb: Pamela Finney, Mamas Boy: David L Peters, Naked Guy: Havish Ravipati, Kevin: David L Peters, Server: Laurelle Martin Stinky Guy: Chad Messenheimer, Consuelo (Mortician): Taryn Colburn, Sleazy Guy: Gary L Turner, So, ya, we know the "lighting & sound isn't great" but what the hell, we have no budget & we're enjoying ourselves... We hope you can sit back, relax & enjoy it too.