Daniel Lopez Daniel Lopez

Daniel Lopez

To all celebrated superstars of the world: "Why Are You So Awesome and I Suck?"

Okay let’s face it, we all love famous people. We love to follow them on TMZ, People Magazine, E tv and see what they are doing day by day, minute by minute. I want the riches and fame I deserve. I’m sick and tired of siphoning gas for my 1980, primered, Monte Carlo. For the last decade I have written and performed comedy. I have traveled all over this country in search of laughter. Yet, I am still unknown. I am not famous. But I'm not stopping. How do these Assholes do it? I will tell you. They each have special talents and skills I have found essential to becoming a STAR! So Hollywood, here I come. Follow me and my blog while I examine the answer to the question,“Why are you so AWESOME and I SUCK?!”