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Before this is over I'm going to throw a burrito at you.

Ben Burton is from Harpersfield, Ohio, and is the youngest of seven siblings. It was apparent from a young age that Ben was an entertainer, learning tricks such as juggling and stilt walking to amuse family and friends, then performing in local plays and renaissance fairs. With a quick wit and comedic mannerisms, Ben was often accused of "being a cartoon character." An early passion for horsemanship resulted in his mastery of mounted archery, vaulting, and even standing atop a galloping horse, all before the age of 16. Versatile and bold, Ben has always had a "think outside the box"-or rather, "there is no box"-mentality. Ben also excels in dramatic roles, recently earning a Best Actor nomination for his portrayal of Troy in the short film "Your Name Is." A large part of Ben's inspiration to become an actor comes from his father Chris, who performed at Cleveland's Caine Park in the mid 60s, in musicals including "West Side Story" and "Mary Poppins," and also from his sister Jo Hannah, who toured the U.S. and internationally with the dramatic dance production "The Masterpiece: A Toymaker's Dream." Ben carries the torch as the actor in the family because everyone else settled down and starting reproducing like rabbits.