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I enjoy laughing and making people laugh.

Hey my name is Justin Beck. I was born and raised in the Burgh. I might be from a small blue collar city but I wanna dance on broadway someday. One day I'm gonna hop a train and get outta this town. Im gonna make the world laugh, then cry. Then throw up on the person in front of them. No, with my luck I will hop a train and end up in Philly or something. Nothing against Philly, my girlfriend is from there. I've been there a few times. Five hours on the turnpike can be a wild ride. One time on a trip to Philly me and my friend Adam met the ghost of Roy Rogers. He said Adam's coffee looked like mud. And I think the scrambled eggs were actually the skin of his wife. At any rate life is a trip. It is a series of rides on the turnpike, back roads and walks to the next place. Some have there trip planned some just let the road take them were ever it may. Weather you're a free spirit or navigating every bend you gotta have gas money. I gave some stranded lady $5 for gas even though I'm in debt. Oh well I got no gas money so I guess I will let my dreams be dreams as I fade away and go nowhere. Naw, screw that I'm gonna do what I love to do and if someday something should come of it great! And if not I will know that my message has still reached a few. Be who you are. Forget everything else!