Barn_T_an_The_Fish Barn_T_an_The_Fish


Doin'g gators n' little puppies! Whoooaahhh!

Barn-T is a good old boy from the swamp out there damn near the backwoods of Martinsville. The Fish hails from what he claims is the foot hills of dem 'der appalacian moundtins. Really though, he is from Moores-tucky, or for you lay mans, huh, Mooresville. The two most assback redneck a$$ towns in the state! Together we form Barn-T an' The Fish. We have been around ans around this great american state. We knows wha your mamma likes....and your sister too. So sit back and feels the rain of a thoushands spare ribs fall upon you in a sprinkely delite. Ummmmm, enjoy the falvor...........