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The BackBenchers is a short comedy series about an ex-offender Jack trying to find his way back into the society and the quirky world around him.

Whats the concept? Jack, previously convicted for armed robbery but educated nonetheless, seeks to make a fresh start at civilized life post his time in jail. He finds himself in ludicrous situations each time and is pushed on the edge of being bad again. Beth, the not-so-friendly landlady and Steve, that geeky-eccentric-housemate-we-all-have, add their share of perceptions of things, but will he be able to earn a living? Why is it called the BackBenchers? Like in a classroom back in school, the Back Benchers were perceived as notorious students, the ex-offenders are tagged similarly in the society as the outcast, with biases against them at each step. But what is good and what is bad? and why does everybody has to be either good or bad?- is the question that the series seeks to raise, in a quirky, spiced up parody form.