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June 12, 2018

Ive had FRUIT & NUT chocolate variety before and enjoy it a lot actually. I had never had the CARNABY SWEET FRUIT & NUT milk chocolate bar before. CARNABY SWEET is a Canadian brand exclusive to SHOPPERS DRUG MART and I just had to try their FRUIT & NUT milk chocolate bar. Looking at the chocolate bar from its top, you can see a lot of raisins inside the bar. Incase you didn’t know every time a chocolate bar is FRUIT & NUT , the fruit is just raisins. Looking at the bar’s cross section you can see a lot of raisins and big chunks of almonds in it . The milk chocolate is very creamy rich and sweet delicious milk chocolate . Its filled with a lot of chewy sweet and nice raisins . The nits add a good crunch to the bar and are actually very tasty. The combination of the very sweet milk chocolate and sweet raisins makes this bar a little bit too sweet .