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April 16, 2015

In other words, she's gone to live on a farm with the other Giseles.

Last night the sun set on one of the fashion industry’s most recognizable names. Supermodel Gisele Bündchen, wife of Superbowl MVP Tom Brady, walked her last runway at Sao Paolo fashion week, before being swiftly euthanized backstage.

“Gisele lived a long, full life in fashion terms,” her personal physician, Dr. Thad Richardson, said in a statement released earlier this morning, “She was something like 107 in model years, many in this industry are lucky to make it past puberty. Gisele’s ability to keep working to such an old age is truly a testament to her spirit.”

Having spent nearly 20 years on the catwalk, Ms. Bündchen made a name for herself as a young model fresh from her home country of Brazil, making her last appearance in Sao Paolo all that much more meaningful to fans.
She walked the runway for local clothing line Colcci, who posted on social media that the event was the “end of this historic and exciting parade"shortly before Gisele was strapped to a gurney, pumped full of barbiturates, and hit on the head with a very heavy brick, just to make sure.


(Photo: Splash News)

Representatives for the model say they knew it was time to let her go when she made the decision to turn 34 last July. “We knew that was not something she would do if she was in her right mind, so we started to explore options. Then last month she started eating, so we knew it was time.” Though her representatives say they struggled with the decision, ultimately “we knew that as much as we liked having her around, it just wasn’t fair to her. We worried about how much pain she must have been in trying to walk around on her creaky 34-year-old bones.”

Brady expressed deep sorrow over the loss of his wife, saying “Gisele was more than just a model, she was like part of our family, and we will miss her.”

“Gisele was lucky to have so many people who selflessly cared enough about her to do the right thing,"said Dr. Richardson, "Too many people wait until the very last minute to euthanize their models, and that can lead to a lot of unnecessary pain and suffering for everyone. I’d love it if I never had to take a shotgun out onto a catwalk again.”



Before her last event, the model’s family were sure to spoil the superstar by letting her eat a whole pizza, and taking her to all her favorite walking spots. “We wanted it to really be her day, we wanted her last day with us to be her best day,” Brady said, “She was able to say goodbye, when you looked into her eyes, you could just tell she appreciated it. Even if she didn’t fully grasp what was happening, she was at peace.”

Mr. Brady went on to say that the family hopes his kids will one day be ready for a new Gisele, but that bringing one home right now would probably be “too soon.”