Hi, Internet,

Leanna Creel here, but you might know me better as Tori from season 10 of Saved By The Bell. I was watching The Tonight Show last night from my modest, but well-decorated, home and imagine my surprise to see a reunion of my old TV classmates! Throwback clothes! Four-and-a-half jokes! Kelly got fat! It was truly a hoot. But as much fun as it was to watch from my couch, I would’ve preferred to have been there in person. Which leads me to the big question I am asking myself today: Why did nobody call me to be a part of the Saved By The Bell reunion?

Tori_Scott (1).png

Yes, I know I wasn’t the only cast member absent last night. Dustin Diamond and Lark Voorhies also couldn’t make it. I can’t say I’m surprised. Dustin straight up stabbed a guy on Christmas and Lark Voorhies is going face crazy. That’s when you slowly go so crazy that your face changes to warn innocent bystanders, like a venomous snake with brightly colored scales. I mean, look at Randy Quaid. He looks like meth Santa Claus. You’d cross the street if you saw him coming your way at night. I’m not crazy, so don’t be afraid to invite me to a reunion! My face looks super normal. I will show up camera ready and bring my own wardrobe.

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At least Lark Voorhies and Dustin Diamond were mentioned in the articles about cast members who weren’t there! I, on the other hand, was not.

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It’s not like I was in one or two episodes. I was in 10! That’s over 10% of the 86 episodes in the series! Plus, I’m probably in 70% of the conversations people have about the show! What suddenly happened to my character to make her disappear? Where were Jessie and Kelly when I showed up? I’m a treasure trove of nostalgic chitchat and blog posts! And it’s not like the issue was flying me out to New York for a quick cameo. I live in Los Angeles, where The Tonight Show is taping episodes this week. All they had to do was pick up the phone and I would’ve gladly driven over to participate. Wouldn’t even have asked to be reimbursed for the mileage; I drive a Prius and gas prices are just so low these days. I would’ve even grabbed coffee for the crew! They could’ve saved a few bucks by including me.


Hey, and why has nobody asked me to be in any previous Saved By The Bell reunions? There was that People cover a few years ago that I had to find out about in the checkout line at Albertsons. I wasn’t even invited to the wrap party after the series finale. It’s like everyone forgot about that classic storyline where Zach and I didn’t get along, or the one after that where we dated, or the one after that where I disappeared entirely. That was crucial development for the show’s main character! You learned he could change his opinion about an attractive girl, become sexually involved with her, and then completely ditch her for an even more attractive girl. Where else but on Saved By The Bell would you ever find a story like that set in Los Angeles?

I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed. Also, I’m mad. I’m fucking furious. Plus I’m disappointed. It’s like I’m on an emotional roller coaster at Six Flags, except there are only two flags. There’s a mad flag and a disappointed flag, and this theme park sucks, and I don’t ever remember asking for a lifetime season pass, but here I am in line to buy a churro and nobody has stopped to ask me for an autograph.

I’m willing to put that all behind me and let the world know I’m ready and available for any future Saved By The Bell reunions! Maybe I could show up and everyone would ignore me? Perhaps a little too on the nose considering the last 20 years of my life. Maybe there’s a cold open where Mark-Paul Gosselaar arrives to set and I’m parking my motorcycle in his spot? You know, a fun reference to that episode nobody remembers. I’ll leave it to the writers to figure out how to awkwardly work me in and make it unfunny. Oh, and if anyone wants me to show up for a California Dreams reunion, you know, maybe just to PA or hold the boom for a fair day rate, I’m available for that too.

– Leanna Creel
Bayside High, class of 1993