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November 23, 2008


This is Colleen,
trevors friend helping with the production of this.. since it seems like trevors been blogging I decided to post one myself....well it seems like trevors getting off with an ok start but yes there has been a delay with the whole what we want to do or who will be in the  bloody movie ahh it blows that nobody is really committed or trevors taking a sweet old break but I cant say shit im not there all the time either. Ehh well its quite difficult to uphold a cast when they got shit to do too,  well if anyone is reading this its just an update on how the production is going.....and as you can see the production is starting off like an inflatable boat but were this close to upgrade to a canoe I dont fukkin know if that made sense but if it didnt well your lost in the sauce lmao....if trevor is reading this he needs to watch Zakk and Miri make a porno ALREADY!! so we can review this hahaha  and im new to funny or die so people, if you seen any cool videos on here send me zee link and welp thats all I have to say

~colleen *_*

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