Welcome to week 10! The week when the NFL started to look like the Fight Network.

1) That’s a Good Win, Charlie Brown

2) *Ron Howard voice* “The Bucs lost.”

3) Keep on Brockin’ In The Free World

4) Can’t throw a TD, can’t throw a game

5) Carolina Tune Squad

6) Chef Curry with the shot

7) Tight coverage

8) AJ vs GSP at UFC 225

9) Buc you, pal

10) Meanwhile, in New England

11) “This one’s for you, Morph Deshaun!”

12) He just needs some overpriced stereo cable

13) “Hello, I’d like to report an assault”

14) Falcons playing the long game

15) Chiefs Don’t Run

16) …and on Salute to Service weekend to boot

17) Do your balls hang low, do they wobble to and fro

18) And finally…the Browns were the only players not getting beat