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July 02, 2018

Today sucks, but here's the uncensored 'Nathan For You' caricature artist segment that is guaranteed to not make this day any worse.

Today sucks and that’s no lie. We could sit here, listing all the many reasons today sucks, but that would only make it suck more. So let’s not do that. Instead, why don’t we watch this uncensored Nathan For You clip where Nathan transforms caricature artist Greg Dohlen into the King of Sting?

Everything about this is perfect. Greg’s affinity for jokes about hummingbird penises. Nathan’s foresight to hire a security guard to protect Greg. Nathan not wanting to get in the way of Greg’s art, even if it is straight-up racist and the Pearl Harbor thing isn’t even a joke. Thank you, Nathan Fielder, for making today suck a little bit less.