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February 13, 2018

We paired up with Botnik to use a predictive text algorithm to figure out the best romantic comedies on Netflix to chill with.

This work of true art is a collaboration between the Pitch joke writing app community and the Botnik collective (you may have seen our last collaboration with them). Writers used thispredictive text keyboard to come up with the title a Rom Com and THEN used this keyboard to come up with the description. The keyboards were made from words scraped from a database of romantic comedy descriptions. Try it yourself! It’s kinda like texting using only the suggested words. Anyway, here are Romantic Comedies as written by Botnik and Pitch!

The perfect girlfriends funeral.jpg
Wedding W Benefits.jpg
Girl Wants Big Fever V02.jpg
Kate And Julia And Maude And Leopold.jpg
Love and Love and etc.jpg
In The Rain.jpg