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March 15, 2011

Having correctly identified the days of the week in her hit song "Friday," here are a few ideas for Rebecca Black's next possible subject.

Thank goodness for calendars and Rebecca Black.

Viewed over 5 million times at YouTube, Black's song "Friday" has proven invaluable in helping the world solve the age old question "what day comes after Thursday?"

So what's next for Black now that she has mastered her Monday through Sunday chronology? Here are 5 song title suggestions along with a proposed lyric.

1. "June"
There are twelve months, not seven,
and that's one more than eleven!

2. "Light Switch"
You push them up when you want to have some light.
You push them down when you're feelin' just right.

3. "Nose"
You can find it on your face between your eyes and your mouth.
No, not your chin, that's too far south.

4. "Key"
When confronting a locked door, you'll need a key to open it. First, check and see if you have said key in your pocket or purse. Keys are usually metal, a couple of inches long, and have jagged "teeth" that help them open locks. Hint: keys are often kept on circular metal "key rings" where a person can store several different keys to the locks he or she encounters in daily life. After identifying the key to the lock in question...

5. "Quantum Mechanics"
Sub-Atomic particles, Heisenberg and Bohr,
particle physics give me more, more, more!