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July 20, 2015

Ashleymadison.com asks users to share their wildest sex fantasies - which have just been leaked .

AshleyMadison.com, the website designed for finding partners for extra-marital affairs, was recently hacked, revealing the personal information of its millions of users. Below is the list of every fantasy listed on the site.

Butt plays

Skrillex watches

Milk party

A violinist serenades in the room

Penis through a hole in a dream catcher

History buff

Bathtub full of seedless grapes

Sweded pornography

Run me over, over and over

Airport terminal, waiting to board

COPS play

You’re Derek Jeter, I’m Derek Jeter

Professional road bicycles

In line for water at a music festival

Hitchhiking robot

Elf guts

We’re just two birds on a telephone wire

Blown on Dirt Road

Three-inch protruding belly button

Snot on nipples

69 on waterslide

Golden shower curtain

Fertile mule

Accidentally pushing elevator buttons while fucking


Pink Blackberry in hand, black pinky in butt hole

Anus half empty/anus half full

Mean man nice penis

Tipsy weightlifter

Cold-brew semen

Pig snout rendezvous

King of the asshole

Dirty boys knead dough

Dough boys need love

Hungry hungry hippoing

Butt-hair braiding

Two Webby award winners 69ing

Worst members of Backstreet Boys and NSYNC doing stuff

Nude man farting in pool

Engorged genitals leapfrog

Late-night hand-holding

Stick in your thumb, pull out a plum

“Waiter, there’s a fly in my soup, now let’s fuck.”

Lesser Tim Burton movie cosplay

Mother, blogger … sick fuck

Four balls

My mother’s Italian, my father’s Jewish, I’m fucking the mailman

Swallowing little GoPros

Artisan rim job

The British (man’s butthole is) Open

“Call Me Maybe” sex parody

And now, girls jumping on trampolines!

Bam Margera sex prank

We both had zero cavities at dentist, time to fuck

Sex doll dressed as pizza chef

Don’t tell “my wife” (but in Borat voice)

Watch me beat Myst on PC

Big bathroom

Science lab partners

Sexual thank you notes

Making dean’s list

Drinking too much water

Waiter asking, “Sparkling, still, or my dick?”

Wide-ruled handwriting on college-ruled paper

Too much food in the fridge, can’t close fridge




Freshly cut grass

Car horns

Over-the-pants blow job

Septum piercing

Tea time porn

Triple-decker busses, sex on every level

Photoshopping thigh gaps


Sex with lights off


I lay paper towels on my mistress’ bed and we have sex on top of the paper towels

Keep socks and shoes on the whole time


Sex with humidifier on

We’re both on phone the whole time saying rude things to ex-S.O.‘s

Sex in car (hatchback)

Silent motorcycle

Sex on top of big horse

Sex on top of big horse but horse is also involved in the sex

Sex in world unravaged by military conflict

everyone wears sunglasses

Listen to R&B song during intercourse

A shallow stream

Battery-powered toothbrush

Rooftop herb garden

LGBT slugs

Neither of us wears a watch so we don’t know what time it is

Drink a big glass of water before to stay hydrated

Peanut-free trail mix

Near the pool

Inside the pool

Hovering right above the pool

Ambulance (driver’s seat, parked)

At our wedding

Very thin, papery blanket

Rollercoaster during “twisted horseshoe roll"

Two slugs two cups

Blowjob but where she’s in the fridge wearing a heavy coat.

Sex through a hole in a tarp last used to cover a baseball field

Anal sex with someone pretending to be a sea otter raised by humans.

Pottery Barn employee role play

Dirty talk but where the vagina is called “big sandwich”

Sex where we both pretend we have STD we are not telling each other about.

Final handjob after fatal flying squirrel suit crash

Normal sex but we pretend the dating site we met through was just hacked.

We’re both robbers named “Rob”

Two chicks at the same time tell me they will never have sex with me.

False body growths.

Slow like starfish

Packing peanut dildo

We both wear big motor-boat rudders

On an airplane under the sea

69 but we’re both also chewing penne a la puttanesca

Having sex on a bed of egg yolks

Bill Crosbies — black men with walrus mustaches

Teen sandwiches

Extreme handshakes

Topless refrigerators


Cincinnati Steamer (it involves Chili somehow?)

Commercial-free episodes of Grey’s Anatomy

WNBA Highlights

Nerd porn (the candy)

Sex where your teeth fall out

Mom and dad have sex on a Saturday morning while my sister and I are downstairs Watching cartoons

Sexy stuff that looks like an Excel document

Pizza you can fuck

Pigtails on furniture

Hardcore porn with censored language

Holy shit that’s a lot of potato salad

DVD porn sequels that feature prime numbers (ex: Sexy MILF Accountants 2, 3, 5, 7, 11, 13, 17)

Milk that is almost spoiled

My friend Ryan’s wife, Jocelyn

Scenes from the documentary Amy

Porn mockumentaries

Dirty talk where one person didn’t quite catch what the other said and nicely asks them to repeat it