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June 08, 2018

Anthony Bourdain was influential beyond the culinary world.

Today we remember the great Anthony Bourdain by looking back at some of his funniest and memorable moments. He will be missed.

1) When he made us imagine how bad Trump would be at handling chopsticks:

2) When he gave Waffle House the credit it deserved:

3) When he gave the best movie critique of all time:

4) When he and Iggy Pop acted like middle-aged men:

5) Did this ever actually happen?

6) When he took us to the best strip club in the universe:

7) This sweet moment:

8) When he slurped noodles with Obama:

9) He’s right!

10) When he said what we were all thinking about In-N-Out:

11) When he cooked an incredible meal for the women of the #metoo movement.