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June 08, 2016

He is a good boy who swims and holds open doors, not a bad boy we send to prison!

Open Letter In Support Of Brock Turner

Brock Turner, a former Stanford swimmer, was sentenced to six months in jail for three counts of sexual assault, far below the 14 year maximum. The judge said a longer sentence would have a “severe impact.” There’s been outrage over this lenient sentence, but that’s insane. Like his dad pointed out in that letter, Brock Turner is a good little boy. He can’t be a rapist.

It isn’t popular to take the side of a convicted rapist. But think about the facts:

Brock Turner went to Stanford University. Stanford is a really good school. Ivy adjacent, which is basically like a real Ivy. Brock isn’t someone who went to state school or community college or, even worse, someone who never went to college. He is smart so therefore he is a good boy.

Brock Turner is a swimmer. You know, a swimmer… a sport for people who can afford swim lessons and access to private pools and performance bathing suits. It’s not like he was a football player or a basketball player or some other sport that, like, other types of people do. Brock is blonde and has blue eyes. Does that coded language make sense?

Prison is full of people who are not like Brock. Brock is a sweet little blonde angel that came from a nice family and went to good schools. Prisons are full of people who have brown hair and brown eyes and brown sk—let’s just say they are full of bad people. Yes. We will leave it at that. How is Brock going to eat his daily steaks in prison? You know, the ones his good father said he loves so much?

Brock Turner isn’t just a good boy; he’s a “good old boy.” Good old boys are not able to fulfill their potential in prison, because it’s a place for society’s undervalued. Brock is not undervalued. Have you seen his swim times? Those fast swim times are truly valuable to society.

Brock is the sort of boy who held doors for people less than two feet behind him and always thanked people who blessed him when he sneezed. That baseline human decency is enough to defend his character against ANY OTHER WRONGDOINGS he could could ever partake in.

Let’s give Brock his birthright as a sweet, blonde, fast-swimming angel: the ability to pass through this life getting away with shit that would lock anyone else up for years without a fucking key.