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April 23, 2015

Trust me, I am a woman who tells jokes.

Getting an abortion is one of the most serious decisions and individual can make. It’s emotionally exhausting, can be traumatic, and requires a lot of personal courage. But amidst all the gravity of terminating a pregnancy, I hope we do not lose sight of the fact that referring to an abortion as an “abobo” is very, very funny.
The word itself, “abobo"brings to mind a circus clown, one riding a tiny bicycle being chased by another circus clown, perhaps named "Tony” who is riding in a tiny car. There is a lighthearted and fancy-freeness to the term, and one cannot help but laugh when saying it. Abobo. Is it how a small child would say the word “abortion”? Perhaps! But we wouldn’t know.

I first heard the term abobo in high school, when a girl revealed that her friend had had an abortion. While of course we were all sympathetic to the girl’s difficult decision, the usage of the slang made the procedure seem like a new app, or a brand of yogurt for chubby women. Honestly, what wasn’t an abobo?

The word isn’t for everyone, the same way that abortions aren’t for everyone either. I just hope next time you’re in a room, weighed down by the seriousness of a woman’s right to choose what is best for her own body, you might consider livening up the energy of the space, bringing a smile to the faces of those around you and say “lets get this abobo over with!”