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January 22, 2016

Steven Avery's cat, Shadow Avery, recounts what really happened the night Avery was arrested for throwing her in a fire.

Steven Avery can’t catch a break. First he served 18 years in prison for a crime someone else committed. Now he’s serving time in prison for a murder many people think he did not commit.

Recently, new evidence has surfaced proving there’s a third crime Avery served time for even though he was innocent. Steven Avery was sentenced to 9 months in prison after pouring gasoline on his cat and throwing it into a fire. As it turns out, Avery didn’t commit this crime either. Here is an excerpt from an article in the Manitowoc Herald Times Reporter in which Avery’s cat comes clean:

Shadow Avery: Yah?

Dan Doyel: Shadow Avery?

Shadow: Yah.

Doyel: Hello,this is Dan Doyle from the Manitowoc Herald Times.

Shadow: Okay.

Doyel: Everyone in Manitowoc has been under the impression that you’ve been dead for the last 34 years. Yet, here you are.

Shadow: Yah, I’m here.

Doyel: So Steven Avery never threw you into that fire?

Shadow: No, Stevey is innocent.

Doyel: But what about all of the reports? Mr. Avery’s confession?

Shadow: It’s that Kratz fella.

Doyel: Ken Kratz? The Manitowoc prosecutor?

Shadow: That’s the one. No good creep. He promised me the world. “Jump in the fire” he says.“Blame Stevey Avery” he says.

Doyel: So Ken Kratz bribed you into faking your own death in order to lock up Steven Avery?

Shadow: Yah, I suppose that’s how you can say it.

Doyel: What did he bribe you with?

Shadow: Some ribbon, a goldfish, Fancy Feast, feather on a string, couple John Fogerty records. Didn’t get none of it though.

Doyel: You didn’t?

Shadow: None. All I got was a text message of Kratz’s junk.

Doyel: How would you describe Avery as a pet owner?

Shadow: He was good to me. Fed me. Bathed me. Didn’t care much for when he made me pretend to play the piano in front of his friends… but what can yah do?

Doyel: If you could talk to Steven Avery directly right now, what would you say to him?

Shadow: I reckon I’m sorry. Never meant to hurt nobody. I feel bad having seen his show on that channel…

Doyel: Making a Murderer on Netflix.

Shadow: Yah, his parents are diabetics. All that candy they eat.

Doyel: No, I said Netflix.

Shadow: Checklist?

Doyel: Netflix.

Shadow: Meow Mix?

Doyel: I think that’s all the time we have.

Shadow: Yah, I better go. Jodi’s getting out her laser pointer. Today’s the day I catch that red dot.

Doyel: Thank you for your time, Shadow.

Shadow: Okay.